Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mayan 2012 but we have time for WWIII ?

OK , walk with me....... OK OK, so we're supposed to have the big Mayan end of time (not end of world) ,
All those books on Amazon...big shake and bake...pole shift...drift...yada yada....but we have all this time ...from today March 15 to December 21,2012 about 9 months.....for WORLDWAR III?  And a Presidential election? and All those new 2013 CAR models rolling out in September? And all those Festivals booked out to 2020...the Olympics....When do the Elite get to run to there hidy holes at this rate?

Like I've said before in previous blogs here, it's more likely to be the year 1711 than the year 2012... and in any case I think the program is going to go something like this >>> NOTHING happens in 2012 on the "MAYAN THING" except some party like it's 1999 except 2012... and then....NOTHING... everyone gets cynical and says that's the last Thing I'm gonna invest some fear in. ...and then in 2013 - 2014 when it's back to business as usual....BAM...something world class...Everyone pays attention...happens....

Keep your eyes on those top dogs... maybe they will trot out their clones while they slip away...........

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