Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feng Shui and Fookin Shite

Feng Shui and Fookin Shite

 modern Feng  Shui
There are 3 or more main "schools" or methods, and sometimes these   differences can oppose each other.

Where is the universally important love area? This area has been found to be in different place in different homes. The 
directional/compass method says that the Love Area is in the
the southwest corner of the home. 

The front door method, on the other hand, says that the Love area is in the far forward, right corner if you are standing at the front door facing inside.

All you need is Love

The Fookin Shite described by the Bhagavad Gita or the 3 fold miseries of the material world.

1. Misery caused by our own mind and bodies, nuff said.

2. Misery caused by other living creatures like PEOPLE. monsters, viruses, insects, animals, ET's…

3. Misery caused by natural disasters like Tsunamis,earthquakes,floods,volcanoes, Hurricanes,Asteroids, etc.

The best Feng Shui is perhaps to do like White Wolf says and become the Chessboard, and not either of the opposing forces on the chess board.Your in the game but not playing the game, Do not be drawn into the Karmic cycle of action. Act with a conscious sense of detachment to the outcome of your activities. Without attachment to the dualistic gain or loss.

Let your Dharma drive your Karma and don't break for any Dogmas -Shawn Kara ONeal

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