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From the pitiful response of the Japanese Government to protect it's citizens and control Nuclear energy it has occurred to me that their Government is just another Corporate Facade. Even as a young lad it did not seem that Japan was a true Axis Power with Germany. No, Germany was part of a Plan that we are still seeing unfold even now (search: Project Paperclip), you see, Japan was an empire, they were taking over Asia, they had dreams of Empire like the British....and they had to be stopped.  The Japanese culture is not the German culture and vice versa. They were a Rival.  After  WWII, and HIROSHIMA The US told Japan how the cow eats cabbage.... In the 80's people feared "ALL those products coming in from Japan...Cars, cameras, TV'S....they were Taking over.... Now we here the same about China.... CORPORATIONS.....One Big Factory. The Communist?Capitalist? system of China......Another form of Corporate control..... And Is Monsanto a Corporation or the US Government? Look at the Revolving door between the two....where does one start and the other end.... The Alphabet agencies have joined the corporate first and people second Government , and amazing thing > The servile supreme court has ruled that corporations are "PERSONS" so the Alphabet agencies work for these "persons" and not the PEOPLE .  I call it Neo-Fascism.  The corporations are the big dogs and the Alphabet agencies are their tails. Witness BP telling the EPA  "NO" when the EPA said find some other chemical to dump in the Gulf other than corexit.... No one of the people or any small company can pull that Sh*T and get away with it.  We are the Corporations, We provide the money to get you elected, we provide the lobbying money to "help" you vote, we provide you a great job when you are out of office, our P.R. Machine and our army of lawyers stand ready to defend you, how can you refuse? We all need to learn from FUK U Shima.
WE have all been Fuk U Shima'd ~!~

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