Friday, March 23, 2012

Dead Men Pound No Nails ~!~

This is a real interesting Planet we live on here....... The way we handle knowledge is of particular interest to todays flog, I mean listen up ya here ?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.... and so is too much !

So if you have too much Knowledge your in trouble.... Knowledge of Nuclear energy...or  Nano biological  matters or deep ocean oil drilling...or about politicians private lives... etc. etc....

And If you don't have enough knowledge your in trouble.... cause your gonna get took by every two bit punk and silver tongued scam artist that ever crawls out from under the rock you happen to be passing by....

 What's the middle path: ?   Jack of all trades, master of none.

Know a  fair amount about  a range of subjects , know when your asking too many questions, and when your trying to be a hero.... and when your poking your nose in someone's "bidness".

There are bigger forces working out here than you and me friend. Way bigger.

Unless you got a real good reason to get in a pissing match with fate...stay cool.. and let the situation unfold all natural best you can....

The true Warrior's first rule: you can't lose a fight your never in.
Peace ~!~

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