Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are you Voting for The System?

Are you voting for the "system" this year? If your voting then I would say well, of course you are,.. who are we kidding here? Are you a Multi National Corporation spending some free speech? me neither. If your a lobbyist, you just know the system better than most. The System don't take no guff . The $$$ystem.  It is a Marvel Now it's a Monster...point of view, point of view Chief.

The appearance of free speech does make a nice garnish on the plate but don't push your luck. If somethings missing It's because we want it that way. No need to put too fine a line on it clementine. Let's keep the situation fluid like a druid understand man?

No sir, if Something is gonna change in a big way it's gonna have to come from the Big Unknown? And what is the big unknown ? If you knew you would not be down here with me. Mother Nature, outer Space, Things you can't see, Energies….the exotic materials this whole hoppin' reality is made up of….. No Names in that place…

You think you can blame this mess on a President? That's kinda narrow minded, if you don't mind me being straight down the time line with you, after all that is my reason det ra, That's French…I like the way that sounds... funny right? right?

Hey. Snap out of it pappy…yeah so, if a President or Prince was raised to be who he is then lot's and lot's of little things had to happen and a few big things that would run over you before you could say SHI…would have sent you to the back of the line baby….  This thing did not get built in 7000 days …. seventh son of the seventh son , But I'm not gonna drive you down hoodoo lane this evening pal….Them folks ain't afraid of nothing…and that's creepy man..

You know a girl from Australia told me once that you HAVE to vote in Australia…It's the Law ! Maybe that's why they call it OZ…Unreal… The way I look at it, you gonna wake up somewhere every day only they call it by different names…somehere every day….no matter what…no matter what time they call it ,and you want to be able to live with that thing you wake up with…that self…and it doesn't matter if your a Poor man or a President... A Queen or the King of  a Planet.... Now get outta my ride......and Peace Brother ~!~

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