Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Light of Egypt and the 4 Horsemen

 The chemist, in his analysis of the various component parts of any form of matter, knows also the proportional combinations; and thus, by the Law of Correspondence, could, by the same use of the spiritual laws of Alchemy, analyze and combine the same elements from the atmosphere, to produce the corresponding expression of crystallized form. Chemistry is the physical expression of Alchemy.

Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon, which still constitute the four primary elements of the most advanced chemistry to-day. They enter more or less into every organic form and substance, which is known, in various combinations and proportions. The human organism is principally composed of them; so, likewise, is the food that supports physical life, and the air we breathe is but modifications of the same atoms. As man's constitution embraces a microscopic atom of all the essences and elements, corresponding to the whole; so does the air; and much, that we depend upon our food to supply, can be extracted from the atmosphere by breathing. Every breath we breathe is new life, or death.

  ``To grasp these invisible elements, to attract them by their material correspondences, to control, purify, and transmute them by the ever-moving powers of the living spirit, this is true Alchemy.''
THOMAS H. BURGOYNE (from his book The Light of Egypt,  The Science of the Soul and the Stars

Roadside Mystic:
Knowledge IS:  It is the the intention and purpose that man puts knowledge to that creates the viewpoints of good and evil which we experience within our third dimensional reality. -Shawn Kara O'Neal
Is Geo engineering a form of Transmutation of Man as well as the weaponization of weather?
If you modify the Water (Fluoride)  the Air (Chemtrails/Geo-engineering)  the Food supply (Gmo Foods) and the Mortality rate (Vaccines/pandemics) ..... You are attempting to re-engineer man.
Are these the Four Horsemen ?
Water/Fluoride    Air/Chemtrails   Food (GMO)  Mortality (Vaccines)

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