Monday, March 5, 2012

Risky Business

There once was an Elite Cabal that ran into a wall of B.R.I.C.S......>

BRICS you say ...what is this? Jack Skellington might have said. What manner of  Acronym is this?

B for Brazil (announced currency war with the dollar last week) The big player in South America.
R for Russia Mr. Putin is officially back at the russian helm. Links to Syria/IRAN a major port in Syria... Nuclear Reactor tech to Iran.... And all that History, cold war, etc. with the west.
I for India  Curries, Computers, Nukes,....and ancient cultural roots, India buys oil from Iran and has built a port to Afghan trade  (to get around pakistan) and is building a railroad there as well...told US last week that they have no intention of giving up Iranian oil
C for China ...the alternative many countries are viewing as the new rising star, and a country with arguably even deeper links to Iran than Russia and also with ancient cultural roots.
S for South Africa.... imports oil from Iran and met with Iranian reps last week or so about how to get around "sanctions" that Iran is under.

One of the stated goals of this group is POLITICAL cooperation.

More info here:

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