Sunday, August 21, 2011

Youtube, Great n Wise Serpent

Getting the REAL information on youtube 4 sure. That's what we want.
Youtube The Great Serpent of Knowledge of all things....
Google (another serpent who now owns YOUTUBE and my blogging company, Blogger) also has friends like the NSA (national security Agency) Snakes of a fang like to hang?
Find the REAL story of the NSA on ....YOUTUBE.
So this creates a very interesting game or situation.
Just to name a few things this wise youtube serpent can do...
"Create" hero's of the people who rise up from nowhere to "break" shocking news and bring us "the REAL Reason" why such and such is going on and the ever popular  "the video They Don't Want you to see" Come on in......and get a nibble of truth...
Believe it or not....YOU and I are not seeing most of what THEY don't want us to see.
They do such a good job of distracting us. Look at all these great music vids!
You can have your very own Channel as they are virtually unlimited....
Hey!  look what's that over there ? (i just ate another one of your french fries).
They stick the Japanese skin clip in the middle of a Hidden places on earth search... U so fun E
And if some bit-o-truth manages to infiltrate youtube you will find the perfunctory Negative "hater" comments trashing the piece... I wonder how much that thrasher trasher job pays?
Anything of  Actual National Security sensitivity will quickly develop "COPYRIGHT" or other LEGAL ownership issues and be taken down .
Psyops teams make threats to unfriendlys and then melt away.....
Meanwhile, The serpent is developing newer and better algorithms and  cataloging the collective human mind.
This comes in handy when you want to generate a matrix.
To create a artificial Holographic light Construct so you can be the God of your own Universe.
Some believe that is exactly the matrix that we are experiencing right now.
Social networks give you REAL information in REAL time.
And a ongoing LIVE Social Engineering Environment.
Social Engineers, are the priests of the Serpent Cult. I just had to use the C word didn't I....
It's a bit of an odd feeling to realize that you are the mouse in the serpents maze no?
Looking for that tasty info-cheese....mice can't resist tasty cheese and Serpents love mice.