Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Etheric Grab Bag


(n) char-mo-ni-um, A coincidence that seems fatalistic or "meant to be." When something happens that is so strange, that it can't just be a coincidence. A sort of Serendipity.

The quantum hologram is finite in the sense that it is being generated by an infrastructure. It is infinite in the sense that time lines continue to flow through it in an eternally regenerative way. If a sink is finite but water flows through it forever, is the sink finite or infinite? This resolves the apparent contradiction between our temporal existence and the eternal realm that envelopes it and transcends it. When we die and enter the tunnel of light, we are traveling from the temporal realm that we inhabit, which is a simulation, and returning to the eternal realm that created the simulation, that we might experience a life. 

There were discussions of genetic discrimination, eugenics and the civil rights of humans and animals whose intelligence might be enhanced or whose genes might be altered or integrated to the point that definitions become tricky. And witnesses warned of a genetic divide, in which enhancements would go only to the most privileged societies or individuals.

                                                                IT"S RAINING UFO'S

From August 23, 2011

An unusually shaped UFO was photographed around 8 a.m. Saturday morning in Spain. Images of the shape are included in this posting by Tracey Parece who keeps an eye on the international UFO news. Another daylight sighting occurred Sunday, and footage was captured in the incident described in UFO Over Buenos Aires Shone Like the Sun Before Disappearing [Video], while footage is presented from a Monday, August 22, incident detailed as UFOs in UK 'Moving in a Formation' [Video]. Meanwhile, a New Mexico resident's sighting of a huge yellow sphere rising over the Organ Mountains Friday night, August 19, is revealed in UFOs Over Las Cruces? Other sightings from the United States are carried in the Mutual UFO Network reports in the witness reporting database, including an August 19 incident explained in UFO Splits into Two Objects Over Kansas City, MO; an August 11 event which includes inconclusive photos related in UFO Low Over Massachusetts Home Rooftop; a July 31 account that includes photos reported in UFO Seen 'Tumbling End Over End' Near Acton, MA and an event yesterday which proves to be the second recent report of activity above the same roadway, as seen in UFO 'Vanishes' During Sighting Along Pennsylvania Route 422.
Today's helping of UFO sightings begins with a video of an alleged Saturday night sighting of an apparent large aerial anomaly above Italy's capitol that sported multiple flickering lights. Also in the international UFO news, there's video of another sighting Saturday night in UFO Sighting Over St. Petersburg, Russia; Dozens of Bright Orbs Seen in the Sky and a Thursday, August 18, incident, also captured on video, detailed in Three Orbs Clearly Visible in the Sky During UFO Sighting in Spain. Here in the United States, a busy Summer of UFO sightings continues, as documented by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database and seen in the reports of multiple appearances above a home in the Pine Tree State described in Maine Family: Why Are UFOs 'Picking My Back Yard'?; an August 18 event detailed in Virginia Trucker: UFO Just Above Tree Tops' Over Route 220; and another August 18 event recounted in Independence, Missouri, Family Reports Low Flying V-shaped UFO.