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A calm collected View of ELENIN

A calm and collected view of ELENIN 
Note: if you Believe His-Story (History) then its not 4 you.

Found on the web: a few notes on Exotic Propulsion
William Lyne: Well, the ship, there's two kind, one Kind of ship was remote controlled and run on, ah, power transmitted from the earth. But then there's the kind of ship that has its own generator which Tesla finally settled on using Tesla turbines to generate the power. He needed, he said, ah, my, 'my idea was basically sound.' And I thought that meant that it was just based on you know, firm principles. The actual event, actually sound, he said 'my ideas were based on, were sound, but I lack, I wasn't able to go forward for the lack of a, ah, prime mover for sufficient activity.' And that's when he came up with the turbine, ah, which satisfied that need.
So, basically, a ship using electrostatic induction to create these sound waves. And those sound waves propel the ship. And, ah, so, that, that's the last of the mystery. That's as far as I've been able to go with the available facts. Ah, how, how the sound waves are actually used to propel the ships and, ah, it's mechanical. He said sound. He said 'my ships fly on mechanical, ah, principles.'
Eben Ray: Wow.
William Lyne: And not, in other words, not electromagnetic at all.
Eben Ray: And so electrostatic is, is an element of mechanical engineering or is an element of the ether?
William Lyne: Well, it produces the mechanical waves, electrostatic induction. You see, there's no way to rapidly vary an electrostatic generator except with a Tesla coil. Electro-, a Tesla coil is actually an electrostatic generator that rapidly varies the electrostatic impulses.
Eben Ray: Very good.
William Lyne: And you can't, can't make an electrostatic generator like a Vandegraff, rapidly vary. It just puts out a steady output. So you need that, that rapid variation in order to get the electrostatic inductance. And, ah, so, electrostatic inductance is a different ball game from electromagnetics. An electrical engineer gets into this and doesn't understand it …
Eben Ray: Right.
William Lyne: … because, because he's not taught these secrets.
Eben Ray: Well, isn't that. isn't that the secret of Tesla that he understood that the energy systems of the planet are, are so much beyond magnetism and, ah, gravity and the speed of light. He, he recognized, ahm, you know, ether as, as the electrical basis ….
William Lyne: Without ether you can't get anywhere. It's, it's the secret. That's the reason they've ridiculed the concept of the ether is because it's the basic secret. If you don't think in those terms you'll never figure it out. It's the secret to UFO propulsion.

Now remember Oppenheimer ( of atom bomb infamy) quoting the Bhagavad Gita ?

In the Bhaghavad Gita Krsna says:

“My Prakriti (material energy) is of eightfold composition: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and ego.” (Bhagavad Gita 7:4)



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