Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Participate in the Cosmic Convergence
September 23-26, 2011!
The reason is that the beginning of the sixth night on September 23, 2011, and its following few days, means a convergence of an energy shift in the Mayan calendar and the passage of the comet Elenin between the earth and the sun (and, if you like, the autumn equinox as well).
Elenin may then also be seen as a messenger of the finality of this shift. (to unity consciousness).
Polarity shifts in consciousness take place in synchrony at several different levels of the universe - cosmic, galactic, heliospheric, planetary and human - at the times of shift points in the Mayan calendar. The Ninth wave that we are currently in is carries the polarity shift that creates unity consciousness.

This diagram indicates the motion of the "wave" of energies belonging to the ninth wave and the related dates as to when these come into play. The relationships of the comets Honda and Elenin to the Seven days and six nights of the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar. A is the comet Honda’s closest distance form the Earth. B shows the time of passage of Elenin between the sun and the earth and C is its closest distance to the Earth.
I thus feel that the comet Elenin signals to us that we should surrender our egos to the all encompassing cosmic intelligence and also that this is our last chance to be part of the polarity shift to unity consciousness, or if we like, Oneness or God Consciousness

I would then also like to suggest that the following commitments become the foundation of the Cosmic Convergence:
1/ Committing to consistently let divine guidance rather than our egos decide our actions and the direction of our lives.
2/ Declaring our independence from the dark side including surrendering the right to use the dark side to fight the dark side in others.
The presence of the comet Elenin will give a natural connection to the cosmic dimension in this event and at the same time add to our experience of a common destiny of humanity. It will be in this large scale context that we need to make the commitment to be part of the polarity shift to unity consciousness.
I feel this is really the last chance of humanity and that the day of reckoning is here. I feel that a commitment to the polarity shift to unity consciousness is not only a passport to the new world to be born, but also the only hope for the world to survive. 
85 DAYS UNTILL *OCT. 28, 2011 - DR. CARL CALLEMAN ALTERNATIVE MAYAN CALENDAR END DATE  (co-creation and unity consciousness) 
505 DAYS UNTILL DEC. 21, 2012 - CONVENTIONAL MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR END DATE  (the date that's got loads of books written, scary movie, etc.)

597 DAYS UNTIL March 21, 2013  Dimensional shift, to occur on the equinox ?  Stay Tuned to higher frequencies.....Is this the finish to what starts on 
DEC. 21, 2012?


426,750 YEARS TILL THE END OF THE VEDIC AGE OF KALI YUGA (CYCLE OF 4 YUGA'S/AGES)     बेगिन विजार्ड वावेस्पेल्ल  ऑफ़तिमेलेस्स्नेस.

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