Thursday, August 4, 2011

ELEnin in ELEctric Blue

Notice: This Material For Mature Thinking Individuals only.
Todays essential word is… Capacitance !
Could Elenin have an outburst?
Like comet Holmes did in 2007…
But >>>> a whole lot closer to us when Elenin is between the Sun and the Earth about September 26th at a time of increased solar activity? Or yikes  ! On get this: September 11 (9-11) When Elenin is closest to the SUN and is also crossing the Ecliptic?
It's called the Electric Universe Theory.
Is ELENIN packing a Huge electric charge? a Photon explosion?
Vaporized matter? Got Polarity?
The good news: only the surface Matter facing the explosion get's vaporized.

Is this the Blue Kachina removing it's mask?
And WHY oh WHY is that Brown Dwarf sniffing Satellite called WISE offline  ?

What could be the Effect on Human consciousness of being bathed in this Blue Photonic Light Energy by ELENIN grazing our atmosphere.......?

In electromagnetism and electronics, capacitance is the ability of a body to hold an electrical charge. Capacitance is also a measure of the amount of electric potential energy stored (or separated) for a given electric potential.

While moving between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus (14 times farther from the Sun than the Earth), Comet Halley experienced an outburst between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus that caused dust to stretch over some 300,000 km.

It happened at a time when the Sun was at maximum activity…..Check.

A direct confirmation of the electric connection came unwittingly from the Chandra X-ray Observatory on July 14, 2000. At that time, the Chandra telescope viewed the comet Linear repeatedly over a 2-hour period, detecting unexpected X-rays from oxygen and nitrogen ions in the coma of the comet. The capture of electrons from the negatively charged comet by positively charged hydrogen ions in the solar wind is, of course, nothing else than an electric discharge, nature’s highly efficient means of X-ray production.

It needs to be understood that a loss of faith in standard comet theory today would have drastic effects on all theoretical sciences touching on the nature of the universe--from microcosm to macrocosm. An electric field sufficient to cause electrical discharging on a comet beyond the orbit of Saturn would have the electric potential to power the Sun.

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DEC. 21, 2012?

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