Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fulcrum in the Simulacrum

The Fulcrum in the Simulacrum:
The way in IS the only way out. 
You have an internet connection to read this.
You also have an INNER - net Connection to the ALL THAT IS  within you.
The way out is not underground, not in the inner earth, not in the galactic spaceships, not on Mars, not on the Moon, not anywhere in this tinsy-winsy 3rd Dimensional holographic light construct or in the physical cosmogonal circus of the 4th dimension but in the 5th Dimension and beyond that which we call physical, which should not be understood as having no form . So put away those cheap 3D sunglasses and turn your vision inward , to The Realm, the Path , the Portal, the Doorway, the Light and  the Truth, that is there within the Eternal you. 
You have the Fulcrum.
Cheers Peace and Love,

In the 3rd dimension,
The way you get something to happen is like this:
Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Effort -> Manifestation
That is, from a theta or spirit level one needs to intend for something to be in a certain way. One needs to somehow form the thought of it, or visualize what exactly is needed. Then one needs to feel the need for it, and the willingness to work at it. Then one needs to actually produce the physical effort needed to produce it. Then finally one gets the manifestation of one's desire.
In the 4th dimension
We cut away one of the steps. It now goes like this:
Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Manifestation
That means that the actual physical effort spent is no longer what is important. As soon as one really feels and expects something one can have it.
As far as I can observe and understand this planet and most people on it have already entered the frequency spectrum of the 4th dimension. Things no longer have to take a lot of time and effort. It is how you feel and what you expect that will determine the outcome. If you have fear you will quickly get something to be fearful of. If you are excited you quickly get something to be excited about. As part of that, linear time is breaking up. Time spent becomes much less of an issue in getting a certain result. The world is shaped by feelings and expectations more than by physical efforts. As part of that, everybody's emotional issues come up to be processed. People who before succeeded in living secure, stable, superficial lives find that suddenly everything they swept under the carpet creeps up. Their fears suddenly materialize and they have to deal with them.
Now, in the 5th dimension
It would work like this:
Spirit -> Thought -> Manifestation
That means, you think it, you get it. That is when thought postulates will actually work. In the 4th dimension postulates only work when you believe in them, and get in the mood for what they are about. In the 3rd dimension postulates only work if you act accordingly. But in the 5th dimension all you need to do is form the thought and you are there. 

83 DAYS UNTILL *OCT. 28, 2011 - DR. CARL CALLEMAN ALTERNATIVE MAYAN CALENDAR END DATE  (co-creation and unity consciousness) 

503 DAYS UNTILL DEC. 21, 2012 - CONVENTIONAL MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR END DATE  (the date that's got loads of books written, scary movie, etc.)

595 DAYS UNTIL March 21, 2013  Dimensional shift, to occur on the equinox ?  Stay Tuned to higher frequencies.....Is this the finish to what starts on 
DEC. 21, 2012?

426,750 YEARS TILL THE END OF THE VEDIC AGE OF KALI YUGA (CYCLE OF 4 YUGA'S/AGES)     बेगिन विजार्ड वावेस्पेल्ल २ ऑफ़तिमेलेस्स्नेस.

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