Thursday, August 15, 2013


Radiation is "hot hot hot" like a conga line in hell....Fukuzilla ate Godzilla for breakfast and he's hungry for more.. and btw, is nuclear energy a hermaphrodite? get your licks on Rt. 666  devil may care in your glow in the dark underwear kind of thang or thingy? it's's planet wide...and does mankind have a programmed self destruct code in his/her DNA ?  hmmm.... no condom for that @!@ i say old chaps a global suspension of all patents  is in order until we get this problem solved ! The mind is a terrible thing , and we have to stop it before it kills us !  How would you Move the entire population of Tokyo ? you wouldn't.... no plan for that....St'. Louis? you wouldn' plan for that... or anywhere else in the Nuclear just raise the acceptable limits in the danger zone and whistle past the graveyard... like Radiation gives a god damn about your limits ! it's insane but  you can just call it science...mad science... CERN are you there ? have you found a way for us to shift off this dead end timeline yet?
Or to send the God particles in to turn the Killa FUKU particles into peace and love particles ?
This would be a real good time for that inner Earth theory to prove itself...although i don't know what their immigration policy is hehe...and I've also heard that there are some nasty Lizard people called the vrill down there as well...hopefully just in the crust crusty lizards you !...are those people underground in Anarctica just waiting  to take over ? stay tuned...

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