Thursday, May 16, 2013

Organic Food R.I.P. ?

Past time for this chat..... I dig organic the not too distant past it was all organic......then the chemicals came along...Remember DuPont’s long-used slogan, “Better Things for Better Living … Through Chemistry”?  yeah, lot's of chems in the food supply. so we have marketing terms like "all natural" which pretty much mean nothing....look it up.

We have massive amounts of aerosols some call them Chem trails...being sprayed in the skys over the land...geo engineering......nano modification......

we have GMO (monsanto just won a supreme court case) regarding their products....
We have no labels on our food telling us that they contain GMO's
More nano particles are showing up in foods and cosmetics
Fluoride in the water supply
what quality of water does your food drink to grow?

Antibiotics are quite prevalent in the food supply
on and on and on
genetic gene splicing between animals, fish, and plants, that too !

So what the hell would true organic food be ?
keep in mind the BUY LOCAL folks have to use the sky and the water supply too.

And let's not forget the 6,oo0 pound elephant is in the room >>> Fukushima spewing  it's radioactive death every day since 3/11/2011 and all the other nuclear accidents and above ground atomic bomb tests before that.
This nastiness circles the planet and is "rained out' on the soil.
anything grown in soil even indoors would have to be rad tested and tested for heavy metals and toxic chemicals and how do we test for nano sized particles?

Let's see.... where does that leave us in our search for true organic food?
1. Food that is grown indoors with organic heirloom seeds:
2. Hydroponic with reverse osmosis purified water
3. Filtered air systems with HEPA grade or Lab grade specs.
even this extremely difficult standard would not catch those sneaky nano particles

Conclusion; Organic Food R.I.P.

There are now two types of food.  Highly contaminated food and lightly contaminated food.
In my view this is the more realistic view.
The higher up the food chain you eat the more likely you are to get a bigger dose of the nasties. But even that is only a rule of thumb. If you eat radioactive seaweed it can be nasty too !

Godzilla is dead and i'm not feeling so good myself.

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