Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Johnny can't be a Revolutionary

Tis high time that the whole notion of "Terrorism" should feel the Assassins blade.
It just so happens that the new special edition video game Assassin's Creed was just released with that whole 1776 American Revolutionary War theme and with the "Assassin" fighting as a "Patriot" alongside George Washington and the future "Americans".

Now as you were not taught in school, from the 1770'S "powers that were" aka the British Empires viewpoint, the Patriots were  rabble, they were revolting revolutionaries, rebels who used dishonorable gorilla fighting tactics..... They were terrorizing the Crowns assets.

And this is all good and glorious and a very nice song is sung at every football game praising the American Revolution...

Now in the recent past (say before the year 2000) the current American Powers that were at the time, decided that they needed to create a psyops to prevent this revolutionary history from repeating itself as indeed the original founders had recommended should it become necessary to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness aka the American dream.

So....what to do? Use Orwellian  doublespeak to change the terms. Change the very meaning of Revolution into Terrorism. Make the word Patriot mean a potential or likely terrorist.

To transition from the initial perception of foreign arabic people who we were told hated our way of life being viewed as potential Terrorists to eventually include American citizens that hate the way their country is being run being viewed as potential terrorists.

Until the very idea of a new or second American revolution is an unthinkable idea, being replaced by the Homeland....known in former times as the less politically correct Fatherland.

And they almost succeeded.

So to those who created the War on Terror which is insane because WAR IS TERROR...may you be judged by a jury of your  peers, and soon.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to keep yourself off the menu

How to keep yourself off the menu:

Boo ! it's getting close to all hallows eve aka Halloween and a freaky tale is in order...
Don't do the funky chicken unless your doing the dance...cause the FDA had something to admit about Arsenic in the chicken BWAK! and why do people at the cafe say " i think i'll Do the chicken? " anyway, Arsenic is a Poison; a protoplastic (living material) poison due to it's effect on sulphydryl group of cells interfering with cells, enzymes, cell respiration and mitosis. See more here; ARSENIC

Now...according to David Icke  there is a race of reptilian shape shifting blood drinkers roaming around on this planet (talk about freaky tail) and some darkside info has it that they mix arsenic in with human blood to make it go down easier based on their reptilian metabolism...and the Liver, being  one of the four main human organs that the arsenic in the bloodstream is distributed to puts it on the menu as well...Chicken liver to human liver to , you get the picture....

Then there is the fear factor... apparently fear amps up the negative energy in the blood and when you eat fear in the form of other sentient animals which are being fed ruminants, which is other animals, and these animals being sentient can experience fear, and you add the media induced fear being fed to the masses daily....your starting to look pretty tasty to the reptilians....the lower your vibration, the more attractive you be yum..... when you need to hum at a higher level...you can't out run them...you have to out hum them !

So watch what you eat and watch out for whats trying to eat you !

Have a fruit Boothie, Meditate, and detox that liver !

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's going to happen to us ?

What is going to happen to us?  Stardate  ____ who knows? most things on this planet are a lie.. Hissstory being what it is you know….we could be a few thousand years off here….consult your local Shaman…now we have (they say) around 7 Billion people living on the surface of this planet…not counting the ones living under the sea or deep underground or in the inner earth…etc. 7 Billion with all the wars, and black death, famines, great floods , asteroids, etc., 7 billion since the last time there was a planet level wipe out…so it would seem in the absence of such an event, people are very hardy indeed! However, we have created our own planet killer in the form of Nuclear energy that is now stalking us like a great invisible flood….FUK U SHIMA being the head of the dragon….and many more sleeping dragons waiting to join the hunt…many of these are the same exact design as Fuk U Shima…..located on fault lines….and in coastal locations….here's what's going on >>> from my earlier comment today

I would say that this FAIL by humanity is now cause for an ET intervention on THEIR terms ..we have THE planet killing extermination machine running at Fukushima and the world "leaders" are not responding...http://nuclear-news.net/2012/10/11/there-has-been-a-doubling-of-the-concentration-of-nuclear-radiation-in-the-atmosphere/ >>>In spite of all that, and in spite of the doubling of radioactivity in the atmosphere, 60 new plants are under construction, 150 more are planned and Europe is writing reports about possibly repairing some. <<< I N S A N I T Y >>> cue up highway to hell by ACDC.  One question we need to ask is >>> what about the powers that were supposed to be able to control the dragon? they have families too right? They don't wan't humanity to die… we're all in the same boat right? well…..maybe and maybe not… perhaps they have a Mars "get out of Jail Card",,, or a ticket to the vast underground cities around the planet…you know about the doomsday seed vault don't you? Or they have ET friends with a guest house somewhere….Hell, they may have already SOLD this entire planet and all it's DNA to the highest bidder…cue up The man who sold the world by David Bowie or Nirvana… 

So what possibilities do the rest of us have? 
Well if you have been working on raising your consciousness during your stay on earth…you may be able to raise your vibration or frequency above the reach of the radioactive dragon….if you can become less dense (no pun intended) the dragon will sniff you and move on….you have to do this in the next several years before things get far worse….or… Some ET race may bring a cure ,,,,or… The external savior of your choice might come and "save" you…or….Your star family of origin could pick you up as a mercy good will mission….
In any case, If your burned (your 3D body) up by the dragon then you will be reassigned by Universal law to another form to continue on your path…The soul is not subject to destruction by Fire, water, nuclear radiation, etc. As always if you consciously seek a path, you will be given help by the creator of all that is and those in harmony with the creator….You will, so to speak have a WILL. otherwise it's like probate….Universal law will decide for you…I wish you all Cheers, Peace and Love -Shawn Kara ONEal

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Musical Dark Age must end ~!~

Yeah so the Music BIZ....the whole notion BIZ...the money vipers...too much power in too few hands...1500? radio stations owned by one company? monoply anyone?
Why should the idea of making music that is POPular be the Norm?
American I Doll....
It's like we don't find talent  ,,, we make it up....
Is it art or a job?
Is it a creation or a formula?
What does it mean to be an artist right now?
If it's not commercial is it even art?
Tell you what,,, just paint what you feel what you see,,,with a brush or a keyboard or a guitar, without a care as to if any other human on this planet is digging it or not....
Make a future found object for someone...out there somewhere for someone that perhaps has not even been born yet...
Do it because you can, because it's your art, your unique expression of universe...
you'll be glad you did
Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nuclear Power or Alien "Faustian bargain " ?
what if certain ET's gave us the means but not the ends? The Poison without the Antidote?
Nu-Clear = Anything but clear.

Faustian bargain [(fow-stee-uhn)]. Faust, in the legend, traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. To “strike a Faustian bargain” is to be willing to ...

Note: all ET's are not our enemies imho.

The whole Nuclear power paradigm does not make sense. Let's speculate shall we?

We have a few recent statements from : www.enenews.com

Former Japanese Ambassador: No single weapon competes with potential damage from Fukushima Unit 4 — Nuclear reactors potential ‘super bombs

JAPAN and indeed the world seems unable to solve this problem...isn't that strange?
AND humans want to build MORE OF THESE ??? 

Japan TV: Fukushima radioactive plume is circling earth every 40 days — Fallout still showing spikes 

I mean who creates a technology this deadly to human existence without the means to get rid of it? This is science? 

Pandoras Box defined.... from a solar system viewpoint we are a Radioactive planet surrounded by a tremendous amount of orbiting Satellite junk much of which is defunct....
Apr 17, 2012 ... Japan has no where to store large quantities of nuclear fuel andnuclear waste. America uses the same system of open pools for storing ...
www.japantoday.com/.../fukushima-damage-leaves-spent-fuel-at-risk-says-u- s-lawmaker

.. WAS this technology given to us in some DEAL with ET's who new at some point we would Need them to save us ? a sort of Trojan horse? A long term plan? And what kind of DEAL would you have to make then? Or was there a doublecross involved? 

Russia Dumped 19 Radioactive Ships Plus 14 Nuclear Reactors Into the Ocean. Posted on September 18, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog ...
www.washingtonsblog.com/.../russia-dumped-19-radioactive-ships-plus-14- nuclear-reactors-into-the-ocean.html

Mar 22, 2011 ... But the nation has no place to permanently store the material, which ... if a facility had been built there, America already has more waste than it...
www.huffingtonpost.com/.../us-nuclear-waste-radioactive-storage_n_839438. html

But the nation has no place to permanently store the material, which stays dangerous for tens of thousands of years. Plans to store nuclear waste at Nevada's...
www.heraldsun.com/.../article-Too-much-nuclear-waste-in-U-S--for-Yucca- Mountain

Yucca Mountain was supposed to be 'Mount Doom" for nuke waste in the US but that did not happen...no one wants the nuke tar baby...

SO all the nuke waste gets stored AT THE  Power plants >>>>
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Cover photo: Trojan nuclear power plant, Oregon. ..... Nearly all U.S. nuclear reactors store waste on site, often in water-filled ... warned that “[s]pent nuclear fuel stored in pools at some ... a series of actions to reduce the danger.26. One study ...

AND>>> we are not even talking about all the nuclear missiles and depleted Uranium weapons and ammunition all over the planet !!!

Our Future looks very Mutated unless we get some outside help from Universe in one form or another here and soon !

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