Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a very short story by Shawn Kara ONeal © copyright 2013 open ... cryp-secure....
Yanas reporting time ∆3030∆ ... command objectives achieved. Military resistance less than expected..
Planet is Tribal class nuclear. Customary surrender protocols issued. All major tribal religious leaders refused open conversion.....5.5 billion humans recycled. 1 billion to be re-educated on earth, 4.5 billion to be exported to various colonies.  Balance of humans to co-operate on transition.  promotions indicated to advance team for last 30 years of service...ready to receive trade mission staff by next earth equinox. environmental remediation report to be following in 3 earth days. This race has sufficient genetic structure to be a valuable new member with proper integration. Inner earth race is non to be renewed.... hostile shallow earth saurian race to be exported to primitive colony. all orbital security grids and filters removed....upgrade frequencies initiated.... over ~!~