Monday, April 29, 2013

possessed by the 1

Possessed by the 1
the 1 the One... looking for the 1.
Science? Religion? Spirituality? >all looking for 1 source? why?
the 1 the individual seeks the 1, to mate with the answer? Science is supposed to consider all of the why only 1 bang? 1 big bang? 1 origin? why not multiple bangs? multiple origins? if we have multiple universes and even multiple dimensions then is it not possible? if it is possible to contemplate then is it not truly possible? where would this idea originate? it is 1 idea of many beginnings,many Gods,and many creators in the never ending stream of it really that important to pick a specific point and call it a beginning? nothing ends, it only changes into something else or someone else...creation and chaos...dancing the eternal dance.
-Shawn kara ONeal