Friday, June 22, 2012

60's vibe reduex

I have been saying that the 60's were the start of a longer cycle of change that is coming back around to see this article was very interesting and confirms that sense I was having about these changes we are all so soon to experience ~!~

here are a few tasty bits from the article...

“The first main exact aspect of Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn retrograde at 8 degrees on June 24th, 2012.  The old box is being dismantled – completely.  And we are on the fast track within the preparation phase…
“Pluto’s symbolism suggests the ‘Underworld.’ There is no hiding anything anymore. Only total and complete exposure of whatever is unhealthy, unresolved, off-balance, abusive, shady and overly fear-based. Uranus’s symbolism suggests illumination, awakening, innovation and disruption. You can see combining these two symbolic forces is powerhouse beyond what ego/personality can control. 
 “The Uranus/Pluto Square will be ongoing until approximately 2016. Life will look, feel and be experienced very differently by then.  
“A mantra for the uranus/pluto years ahead is ‘breakdowns precede breakthroughs’- so wherever you see breakdowns in your life or in the world around you know that this is the necessary first step that has to happen before you can get to the breakthrough phase…”
 incidentally the USA’s sun is right smack in the middle of all this- so we americans will definitely be feeling it as a nation. For everyone though, this transit is a period of radical revolution and change, directly related to the revolution and change of the 60′s- which is the last time uranus and pluto made an aspect.”
 “Well, this next week we can definitely say, the 60s are BACK! In the 60s, these two planets of evolution (Pluto) and revolution (Uranus) joined together to birth a new age…As you’ll see below, these planets’ cycle have kept us moving forward in our evolution throughout the ages – metaphorically and literally.”
 “The 60s began a new era for these change-bringers, though, because for the first time in centuries, they began their cycle in an Earth sign, letting us know the time is right to bring all our bright ideals and humanity’s highest promise into manifestation.  The work we do now at this first quarter phase of their cycle can, over the next decades, give rise to that beautiful vision of the kingdom of heaven here on earth…Let the peaceful Revolution begin!”
 “…The planets involved in the biggest energy shift this next year are Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.  They’re bringing the 60s back in with a roar

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nibiru; Big Whoopee Ding Dong

Nibiru, big whoopee ding dong

1999 (as in we're gonna party like it's 1999)

Nibiru Update: December 11, 1999. As you were given some time ago, the flagship Nibiru is in your solar system and in orbit around your sun. Its current position ...

A group of scientists in Russia in year 2000 held several meetings to discuss the ... Planet X is Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED ...

HD Nibiru Apocalypse Now Project StarSailor2001 ... Uploaded by StarSailor2001 on Mar 18, 2008. HD Nibiru Apocalypse Now .... NeutralNegotiator 1 year ago ...


Nov 13, 2002 ... November 13, 2002 ... The rising of Nibiru in the night sky of Sumer was spectacular with Nibiru trailing a cometary tail spanning much of the sky. ... has changed little and should return about 3350 AD, 1350 year from today.
Dec 21, 1999 ... Nibiru: DeathStar-2003. ... One year later in 1983 the newly launched IRAS ( Infrared Astronomical Satellite) quickly found Planet X (the 10th).

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earth with rockets and mined gold to take back to their home planet, Nibiru. He contends they .... year is 5764 (2003-2004) in the Jewish calendar. Note: Since ...

NASA Discovered the Missing Planet the Assyrians called "Nibiru" 8000 years ago! 7/30/2005 21:36:34 ... However, the object was so far away that its motion was not detected until they reanalyzed the data in January of this year. In the last ...

Nibiru Intelligence Presented on the Moon (evidence in new videos) ... Music-part of title “Rainy Ballad” performed and composed by Copernicus2 in 2005 year ...

Jun 27, 2011 ... black dwarf?nibiru disappears after 5 Years 2006 too 2011/06/25 A Object near too the Sun gone away after 5 years There. You can see it from ...

Jun 22, 2010 ... This is a slightly better quality video of some of my pictures of Nibiru. You can also ... in reply to sarajanegarr (Show the comment) 1 year ago ...

Feb 23, 2008 ... Within the next few years, nobody will be able to hide the fact these objects are heading ... Nibiru / Planet X photos taken January 2008 PLAY ...

Oct 1, 2008 ... Conspiracy theorists are convinced that a rogue planet called Nibiru is bound to doom ... They say that this threatening planet on a 3600-year orbit was ... however, because by 2009 Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye from ...

May 12, 2009 ... Pictures were taken on 5-12-2009 about 5 mins apart. The photo is ... danzor123 in reply to izzysmart (Show the comment) 1 year ago. Vote Up ...

A viral marketing campaign for Sony Pictures' 2009 film 2012, directed by Roland Emmerich, which depicts the end of the world in that year, featured a supposed ...

Sep 14, 2009 ... adyneo in reply to aliciaanne (Show the comment) 1 year ago .... Okay so let me get this straight out: From 2009 to 2011 "NIBIRU" stays at one ...

Topic started on 24-5-2010 @ 11:58 PM by rajaten. This new thread is to track the various NEW evidence that arises concerning Nibiru and the coming ...

Feb 18, 2011 ... Does this mean it will be visible this year? I'm thinking so. They have no choice but to tell .... Febr 15th, 2011 – CNN hints at Nibiru's Existence ... -scientists-nasa-shuts-down-space-telescope-wise/

Alert icon. Loading... Uploaded by thecanadianvandal on Feb 8, 2011. Nibiru 2011 Update - This year so far... php ...

The “Nibiru Insider” who viewed Nibiru from the Hubble years ago reveals, on the evening of ... Posted on August 11, 2011 by thetruthbehindthescenes| 106 Comments .... Eleven year-old girl with ability of setting things on fire with her brain ... arrives-one-month-after-comet-elenin/

By Frank Lake on May 25, 2012. nibiruB. NASA scientists have reportedly confirmed that the planet Nibiru will collide with Earth in July of this year. The Nibiru ...
There are all these theories, predictions, and prophecies about 2012. ... They said that Nibiru comes into our Solar System every 3600 years due to its very long ...

Astronomers reject the idea of Nibiru, and have made efforts to inform the public that there is no threat to Earth in 2012. They point out that such an object so ...

Oct 1, 2008... convinced that a rogue planet called Nibiru is bound to doom Earth in 2012. ... They say that this threatening planet on a 3600-year orbit was ...

wow ! That's a buttload of Nibiru !

CAPSULE REPORT: Order a big box of Wicked Whoopies and it will probably ... We should point out, this is the gourmet version of the Hostess Ding-Dong and ...

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Manton Drove on High

Does this: Manton Drove UK crop circle reported 6/2/2012
Have a connection to this VideoPublished on May 31, 2012

And do they have a connection to this:posted May 30, 2012
July 31 - August 9 - (+/- 9 days) - the [bottom] becomes [visible] off in the [near distance] to [the officialdom minions]. The data suggests that [offcialdom] here in the USA starts shitting the small sharp ones as the [new dawn] reveals the [chaos] and [smoking rubble] of their [hopes] of [sustaining] the [economic illusion] until the time of the [political illusion (election)]. The data sets are pointing toward an [understanding] from [offcialdom] that will come [in the early morning light] during a [horrific night] here in USA that is further described as [changing the game] as well as [affecting the (olympic) Games]. As an aside, it warms the cockles to know that what 'we' do here in the usa causes such [vexation] to [queen/royal lines] in [celtic lands] that [images of spittle] and [yellow eyes] will be [visible].
August 12planned [radiation event] for the [gulf of persia, and the indian/southern oceans]. In the cabal's on-going war (by proxy through US and other navies/militaries) against their [underseas alien enemies] here on earth, their plan is to get a [three-fer (3 for 1 hit)] by having some [fake iranians (actually the mossad agents... want their names? naw...just kidding...our stuff does not work down to that level...] come out of 'no where' and [sink 4/four USA nuclear reactors] into the [persian gulf]. This will be done by the [mossad agents pretending to be iranians] actually hitting the [target painted] on the [enterprise]. This is planned to be [mission accomplished] while they (ptb) think we will all be watching their [head (games)] in [THE CITY (london)] for the [financial records destruction] angle to their upcoming events. Shit don't work well for these folks and as humans know, plans aft gang aglay.
3fer = prompt for US to attack iran + radiation against underseas enemies + radiation in air to kill off more of those annoying humans (from tptb perspective)...

The crop circle seems to indicate August 8th, 2012 which is very close to the dates from the web bots...

MANTON or MAN-TON or Ton of MEN?
Manton drove
1. A herd or flock of animals being driven in a body.
2. A large number of people or things doing or undergoing the same thing:
>>>  verb tense of  Drive DROVE Driven, perhaps in a downward spiral….

A brief ANAGRAM search for the words Manton Drove shows the top 3 as:
a den mort von
a den von mort
a do morn vent

Mort is french word for Death and we also have the word Morn associated with death,,,,

Ponderous ponderings out on the ponderosa where the ponderosa pines sway in the breeze ~!~

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Cube is no more?

What kind of interview do you think could generate these various comments?
Click the link at the bottom to here the whole dealio ~!~

  • reptilians love fresh meat and blood of creatures who can have anguish, so reptilians can eat their negative energies... Now I understand about Yahweh who demanded sacrifice of blood and flesh of Passover, and Allah who demanded the same in Iedul Qurban every year. Evil.

    11 hours ago

  • Are we better than the Reptilians? We are doing to animals, which are sentirnt beings with souls, things 1000 much worse .

    11 hours ago
  • Was this the group of Draco reptilians that have been subjected to the Cassiopean Insectoid races neural-manipulation implants? I hope that special ops forces can get to the bottom of the issue and stop the Insectoid-driven assault via the manipulated reptoids before its too late!

    2 days ago

  • Insectoid-controlled neural-implanted Reptoids. Just when I thought I've heard everything........LOL

    in reply to kauphaart0 (Show the comment) 2 days ago
would these parasites in adult stage be about the size of a raisin red in color attach themselves to top of colon find a blood source cover themselves in clear jelly and spit out eggs into food source and control mind by injecting into blood stream
theicediamond7 3 days ago
  • FUKUSHIMA must be the priority NOW!

    3 days ago

  • Better "do away" with Fukushima first! The Earth is in serious trouble if this is not the priority in terms of total threat to all life.

    in reply to IMTHEONE2HATE (Show the comment) 3 days ago
When the cabal continually energy harvest the collective energy of mankind through all their rituals like Christmas and the Olympic games does the energy go to the reptilians or does it go to a higher dimensional oppressive force which controls the reptilians and other puppets?
There has to be a realm where these master magicians operate from.
All is good and well destroying bases etc but if mankind does not wake up our energy will continually be harvested by the reality magicians.

Tau Ceti, Sirius A, some Pleiadians, and Procyon are members of the Galactic Federation, NOT the Galactic Federation of Light. These are two completely different entities.
Tanaath in reply to Martialartyogi (Show the comment) 4 days ago
It is ALWAYS healthy to use your discernment in any information that you cannot verify using conventional methods for yourself. That includes us.
I will tell you this, and that is while we can be mistaken, neither Tolec nor I intentionally deceive.
Tanaath in reply to RizzenEsc (Show the comment) 4 days ago

By coincidence, I recently read a book by Joseph P. Farrell called "The Grid of the Gods." He talks about the physics of the pyramids all over the planet & their relationships to each other & the earth's grid lines. It was very technical, lots of math & geometry but his conclusion was that they were constructed to manipulate human consciousness & in essence it was "control" of human consciousness for their manipulation. In essence - "dumbing down" & control.
H1X2N4 in reply to kazzie1203 (Show the comment) 4 days ago
Airborne parasites ….affect the will

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