Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mayan Countdown to 2012: Day 842

13-Moon Date: Moon 2 Day 9

I started off my day in the usual way....
Steaming Java and a smoldering Internet... OMG those f-ing Chinese overlords had "blocked" the search word for some missing head banker and OMG....COREXIT in a couples swimming pool north of Tampa!!!
And OMG AGAIN... the coming 3 waves of American Taxation starting in 2010 from passage of the "we rob you and take all your stuff" bill which is my name for all the new Govt. theft scams put together...and then... Muhahahahah! Bwahahahah! a great relief.... My hope in 2012.
The Pendulum must swing in the other direction and soon. There are soooo many people on Earth right now and soooo very few controlling the show. Out of balance and soon out of time.
Some of us are just watchers. We are here to witness. This too shall pass. Reminds me of the George Harrison album, All Things Must Pass. Just not in the exact same way every time. Circles within circles, cycles within cycles...
Do we move through the world or does the world move through us ? or is our very idea of movement so 3 dimensional? We are each Gateways , Stargates,
deciding what passing thoughts and dreams to pull into our personal galaxies....when you wish upon a star are you asking a person or sentient entity or world to grant your wish?
Anywho, anywho,
I'll find a way,and You will find a way through, We always do....we always have, we always will....more coffee? yes, thank you.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mayan Countdown to 2012: Day 843

13-Moon Date: Moon 2 Day 8
Gregorian Date: August 30, 2010

skull and top ht


The  author goes into great detail explaining  a whole  chain of events which I have not heard being discussed openly….
The Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving – Part II:
Corexit + Bacteria = Mutated Viruses
Bacteriophages are a common and diverse group of viruses and are the most abundant form of biological entity in aquatic environments — there are up to ten times more of these viruses in the oceans than there are bacteria, reaching levels of 250,000,000 bacteriophages per milliliter of seawater. These viruses infect specific bacteria by binding to surface receptor molecules and then entering the cell. Within a short amount of time, in some cases just minutes, bacterial polymerase starts translating viral mRNA into protein. These proteins go on to become either new virions within the cell, helper proteins, which help assembly of new virions, or proteins involved in cell lysis. Viral enzymes aid in the breakdown of the cell membrane, and, in the case of the T4 phage, in just over twenty minutes after injection over three hundred phages could be released. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virus
As many have said this is one massive “EXPERIMENT” that is being carried out in the Gulf…


Found on the Web:

George arrived at the snack bar at Target around noon, about ten minutes after I arrived (stuck, waiting for someone to do some quick errands).
He looked to be in his 70s, but could be older, I have a hard time with ages. He wore a short sleeve dress shirt and a pair of dress pants pulled up almost to his sternum, but no tie, so I don't think he was coming from Church.
George ordered a cup of coffee and then sat down to a small table in the corner by the soda machine. He spent several minutes attempting to clean off his table with a few napkins, then spread a sandwich out on a cloth handkerchief, but did not eat any of it. He was obviously waiting.
Doris came in about ten minutes later, carrying a large purse and a large supplies of what looked to be cleaning wipes. Doris took it upon herself to clean her seat, the other table (next to George) and then sat down next to him and took out a lunch box that included a bottle of juice and an apple. I suppose this was her contribution to the meal.
I was far enough away I could not hear any of their conversation, but I could not help but wonder about their choice of eating establishment. Neither wore red, and so were not employees taking a lunch break. Neither had a shopping bag, so apparently this was not a shopping trip and lunch sort of plan. Why here? Why on a Sunday?
George and Doris ate quietly and appeared to say little to each other. They sat next to each other (not on opposite sides of the table) though, and seemed pleased to be spending time together. They ignored the loud children who spilled frozen cokes and the grumpy teenage counter girl who cleaned it up.
This was a quiet couple largely oblivious to their surroundings in a very public place. Perhaps they had run away from competing nursing homes?
I'll never know.

Found on the web:

How do you feel in this context about the attempts to regulate the internet?
It’s a sad chapter in American history, because the internet came into being as the result of the good will of the American taxpayer. Now you have private corporations like Google and Verizon, who are stealing it. That’s unconscionable. It’s a hanging offense. If there would be any justice, the principles of Google and Verizon would be  strung up and beaten. - Max Keiser