Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A look into a possible GMO future ~!~ Let's say the current science and technology driven movement towards patentable life forms (FOOD) continues it's current pace .... what kind of strange new world could we be moving into? We are all used to seeing those online "license Agreements" we have to check the box on when we use some corporations software or social networking site, agreeing to terms and conditions etc., etc....btw, anybody reading these legal agreements?

Ok, let's expand that to food like corn, and transgenic salmon, and new Foods made from various plant and animal species...and imagine that we are a little further down the tech-path where every item in your store is informationally smart, it could be the added nano sized networked chips, whatever ... and before you open your GMO product you have to scan it with say your smartphone and Agree to the terms and conditions (use your imagination here) before you can legally consume this patented food.

or maybe you have to pay a yearly license fee to consume this corporation's food.

Once food is property with a legal patent on it where does it stop?

My answer would be that Food of any kind, should be Open source...sounds like software does it not ?

If you read tomorrow that Bill gates now owns CORN ?  enough ?

should a human consume enough GMO property/food without a valid license until  say 50.1% of the genetic material in their digestive system is  "GMO" derived could said person or their gut then become the property of a corporation ? Or even further down the road your baby is born full of patented property or genes?

Is this a lawsuit against the farmer today that has GMO in his fields even though he did not plant it and a possible future lawsuit against the consumer tomorrow for illegal consumption even if he did not intend to eat GMO ?

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