Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's A CME ?

  • Anaconda says:
  • March 25, 2009 at 8:48 pm
    Regrettably, when you become aware of the force of electromagnetism, and aware that the Sun is the most powerful source of electromagnetism in the Solar sytem, you realize that in many ways, Man is just along for the ride.
    We are spectators; we may watch with increasing comprehension, but Man will never restrain the Sun’s energy. Should circumstances converge at some point in the future where the Sun emits a direct burst of intense electromagnetic energy at the Earth…it may be time to bend over and kiss your ___ goodby.

    “It’s just the opposite of how we usually think of natural disasters,” says John Kappenman, a power industry analyst with the Metatech Corporation of Goleta, California, and an advisor to the NAS committee that produced the report. “Usually the less developed regions of the world are most vulnerable, not the highly sophisticated technological regions.”
So if you fear the CME, the eye of SaurON then get thee to the underdeveloped third world……muy pronto.

How to Prepare for A Coronal Mass Ejection:

1. Risks:CME’s are unexpected explosions in the Sun's corona that spew hot plasma into solar wind. Intense radiation from the Sun arrives within 8 minutes which could fry satellite electronics and all communications. A CME usually arrives to the Earth 1-4 days later, risking Aurora displays and electrical blackouts. ACE scientists can give only a one-hour warning of a CME arrival.
Coronal Mass Ejection 
2. Implications: A direct hit of a CME could knock out the power grid over a large area of the Earth, and could take years to repair. Without electricity there is no water, sewage, heat, cooking, refrigeration, telephones, cell phones, transportation, clocks, email, delivery, computers or communications of any kind. Within a few days, people could suffer from exposure, dehydration, lack of food and medication. A worst-case scenario would represent a major lifestyle change.
3. personal preparation: A well or water catchment system, non-perishable food such as dry, canned foods and sprouting grains. Cash or medium of exchange, seeds for planting food, garden tools, warm clothes, blankets, a solid group with sustainable skills, a wind-up radio, a power supply and way to cook. A bicycle, good books and a loving partner.


AKD says:
“The Cellphone, the Laptop, the Wi-Fi, the I-Pod, the Tivo, those who navigate by the GPS, the Bloggers and all who surf the Internets.. they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning Coronal Mass Ejection.”

Still not freaked out?
Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

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