Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tues. Soul Scramble

If anyone reading this accepts that A God or The God created them or that they Evolved to this present state...Either way....Then Anything and Everything Is possible. And likely to be going on somewhere in the Now....Now.
How Now, Now Now.
I get the feeling that we have all been under limitation and we have been "punked " by various gods coming and going with their agendas....
gods will be gods....but hey if your running through a jungle with a spear trying to get dinner and a big bright disc lands in the field and strange beings start doing wonderful things....you know the story... MUST be God.
If you want to totally freak out....and I know you do...Search CARGO CULT....F R E A K Y.
The human mind is really a great little illusion generator isn't it?
Now Stop. Look. Listen...That last thought you had...was it yours...or are all the thoughts coming from the big thought warehouse?  Have you ever had an original thought?  Not a choice like mayo or mustard... but a real genuine thought that you are pretty sure that no one else ever thought? It's an interesting question no?
Programs run rampant through existence....fractals, fibonacci sequences, codes,,,modes. 
Propagation ........cycles.....grand cycles....creation, existence, destruction...Creation
Divine geometry not so divine geometry?
The Cosmic Carnival
Fun, Scary, and Thrilling with plenty of carnival barkers selling A chance to win something of dubious value....
And down the road is a big tent offering salvation....
Does there have to be an answer for everything?  And that would do WHAT for you?
Make you happy ALL is ORDER  or Make you SAD as in Wheres the fun in that?
Was it your destiny to read this?
Or are you just picking daisies and black eyed susans along the infinite road of consciousness?
You chose Wisely ~!~

Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

31 days  until the  MAYAN CALENDAR END DATE of 10/28/11  www.calleman.com