Thursday, September 22, 2011

The hidden chamber within

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The inner sanctum of the Pyramids lured Napoleon in, like so many before him and since. After exploring the chambers of Khufu's Great Pyramid, Napoleon requested to be left alone in the King's Chamber. When he finally emerged, he is reported to have been extremely shaken and shocked by something within. When asked what had happened, he refused to discuss it and insisted that the incident never be spoken of again.

A friend, who visited Napoleon in his final days, asked him to tell him the secret of that day. Napoleon was ready to speak, but then shook his head and declined. Enigmatically, he responded, 'No, what's the use. You'd never believe me.'

More recently Author Paul Brunton spent a night meditating in the King's Chamber and, after being confronted by various malignant demons, was assisted by the spirit figure of an ancient Egyptian high priest to imitate death. He left his physical body but remained attached to it by a 'mysterious psychic umbilical cord' of 'faint silvery light' - just as described by near-death experiencers - and suddenly found himself being led by his priest-guide down a secret corridor whose entrance he had not seen, supposedly to view some sort of ancient 'covenant'. However, in his desire to establish the location of the entrance to this corridor, he failed to heed his guide's warning not to look back. Immediately he did so he found himself transported back to the King's Chamber. This is what his guide then told him (chapter 4, p. 77):
My son, it matters not whether thou discoverest the door or not. Find but the secret passage within the mind that will lead thee to the hidden chamber within thine own soul, and thou shalt have found something worthy indeed. The mystery of the Great Pyramid is the mystery of thine own self. The secret chambers and ancient records are all contained in thine own nature. The lesson of the Pyramid is that man must turn inward, must venture to the unknown centre of his being to find his soul...

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