Friday, September 16, 2011

Psssst....The Yin Yang IS

Is one nostril good and the other one evil? Or are they both part of the One nose?  Let's Consider
Since any aspect of the world is a manifestation of the Tao, corresponding to a different participation of the Yin and Yang principles, nothing can be considered to be essentially evil in the world. Even if Yin is termed as a negative principle, it never manifests itself alone. In the Tao-te Ching it is stated:

When beauty is abstracted
Then ugliness has been implied;
When good is abstracted
Then evil has been implied. (Tao-te Ching 2)

Every positive factor involves its negative or opposing one. What is usually called evil, as physical and mental manifestation, is the result of a lack of balance between the two opposing principles and corresponds to a bigger participation of the Yin principle. Evil belongs to the nature of the world, so humans have to subscribe to the universal harmony and respect the equilibrium of the two polarities. Tao is eternal and so are the two principles Yang and Yin, so that good and evil must be eternal, as necessary elements of our world.

RM >>> The concept of good and evil as Necessary elements of our world is quite  different from the concept of Evil as an intruder.

In Gnosticism the name of the creator god is Ialdabaot. He ignores the higher deities who he is descended from and creates this world out of pre-existing matter. Then he boasts of being the only god. However, humans are superior to him, having received the spirit of life from a higher Aeon (Sophia, the mother of Ialdabaot). Satan and Jesus are the enemies of Ialdabaot and teach humans how to attain true knowledge that may save them from ignorance.

RM >>> This gives a whole new meaning to the saying " the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

In Catharism the god of the Old Testament is considered to be the ultimate representative of evil. He created the physical bodies of humans and locked angels inside them. According to radical Catharism, human souls are angels who served the good God but were tempted by Satan to experience earthly pleasures which they could not resist. The original bodies and spirits of these angels remained in heaven, but their souls fell into physical bodies. Reincarnation works until humans recognize their heavenly origin and purify themselves by the use of asceticism. Once cleansed of impurities they are accepted back in the heavenly world

RM >>> the Catholic Church and The King of France (Albigensian Crusade)  killed off most of the Cathars who were in France.

In basic Christianity, evil is neither created nor a natural or necessary element. It is a parasite state that perpetuates itself by misusing God’s good resources and by following a wrong direction. It is the illness of beings that are no longer in communion with God.

RM >>> my take :
God creates free will.
Free will must contain within it the possibility for evil and God being all knowing, knows this.
Evil comes from the selfish use of this free will
Evil is therefore an indirect energy of God not a direct energy
So indirectly God is the source of evil.

In the Vedas of India

We have MAYA or illusion, the inferior material energy of God.
There are three Gunas or modes of material nature 
1. Sattva or Goodness
2. Rajas or passion

3. Tamas or Ignorance

Two of the three gunas (rajas and tamas), are causing the manifestations of what we call evil in the world, both in the physical and in the mental realm.

In the Markandeya Purana (45,40) it is said that Brahma created both "cruel creatures and gentle creatures, dharma and adharma, truth and falsehood.

Brahma, is the (Demigod) creator of this physical Universe.
Dharma = religious principles.

RM >>> The flow from Ignorance and passion leading to evil as a fixture of the material world.

Conclusions?  Use Your Free Will

Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

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