Thursday, September 15, 2011

If 6 were 9

I have often thought that Jimi Hendrix was dropping lots of clues in his music...on several levels...
If 6 were 9.  that one caught my attention from the first time I heard it.
And the line in that song 'Fall Mountains, Just don't fall on me" was rich with meaning.
Pole shifts can involve mountains falling as well as mountain building events...
If all the mountains, fell in the sea, let it be, it ain't me (we are infinite spirit not matter).
Perhaps it was a form of Prophecy...of a coming physical pole shift.
We rotate the 6 and soon we have a 9.
6 + 9 = 15 (sacred number)
If 6 turned out to be 9  I don't mind?  TURNED = Rotation?
There has been much interest lately (Google search Pole shift 9820 results).
The Mayan elders have predicted a Physical pole shift any time between right now and 2015.
In the Mayan calendar there are 9 waves of evolution with the 9th wave having the highest frequency of change, the highest level of consciousness in the evolutionary change - Carl Calleman
If this planet straightens up and flys right like a good little gyro we will have a whole planet in the temperate zone....which has many obvious benefits.
Let's hope that such a ginormous change can be managed over several months vs. hours and that we will get by "with a little help from our friends".
Something else I'm proud to have in Common with Jimi, is our Cherokee heritage.

An unsettled home environment made Jimi spend much of his early years staying with his grandmother, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, in Canada and my grandfather was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian in Texas.
Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

44 days until the  MAYAN CALENDAR END DATE