Friday, September 24, 2010


13-Moon Date: Moon 3 Day 5
Gregorian Date: September 24, 2010

398 days till Oct. 28, 2011
818 days till Dec. 21, 

I saw this splash screen when I logged into Yahoo.... and "Adam and Eve" popped out Sorta...

Yahoo Splash Screen Creation Story

In the beginning there was a blue background, some roundish places and a whole bunch of striped cosmic of which was sitting on a roundish place we now call earth....
And God and his Consort said: What if Iwe put some souls made in our image  on that couch over there , no farther left... There (Earth) and see how things develop.
So ...they put Adam and Eve on the cosmic couch with a remote and a big screen and said get down to funky town and multiply....but don't  watch the adult channels...
So one day they were on the couch... Eve in her dot "MATRIX" shirt dress and Adam in his " Eden" flower pattern shirt, when they saw an add by a sales serpant on the discovery channel....About all the hot and forbidden action over at the "carnal knowledge" network....and FREE for the next 24 hours !  Plus, a chance to win an APPLE ipad!  Well, Eve was very interested in this proposition, all she had to do was press 666 on her remote. Adam, felt uneasy, remembering what God had said and. besides.. the Football game was about to start...!
While Adam went  to get  the chips and dip and a brew... Eve hit 666...and well... here we are........

Bizarro Planet

Would you pay more for an  old  computer than you would for a brand new 2010 model ?

Would you pay more for a old Auto than you would for a brand new 2010 auto?

Would you pay more for a old Pre HDTV television than for a Brand new HDTV?

would you pay more for an Older version of a video game? Cell Phone? 

Right. So here I am paying MORE for Organic Food, Personal Care Products, Vitamins, etc. ???  Which is paying MORE for the OLD Model > The way things used to be before Multi-National non-living legal entities called Corporations Morphed into MEGA MULTI NATIONAL CORPORATIONS and screwed the Naturally Occurring  World up.
So the Organic Valley Milk (all valleys were originally "Organic") that I buy at double the price of Non Tainted Monsanto milk helps make the Tainted Monsanto milk look like a GOOD deal... Isnt that wonderful...(puke)....
So, for Centuries EVERYTHING was ORGANIC and did not cost more.  Then a very small group of the Worlds "ADVANCED?" countries manage through the "wonders" of Modern science and  greedy Corporations to poison the World....
And now we pay MORE to get ORGANIC "pre screwed up" products.....
Say, Do you offer that in a PRE SCREWED UP version?

Not only are we not in Kansas any more, we are not even on planet earth anymore!

And those scientists who would tell you that it was the miracle of modern fertilizers (dead zones in the Gulf) and oil fueled machines that  created those higher crop yields, allowing us to feed the rapidly growing world population...are some of the same scientists who now tell you that we need to depopulate or "cull" the human race because there are way too many  (BP) want to pour COREXIT on the problem....riiight.

Disaster Capitalism, it's all the rage you know....

When we were kids they taught us "Crime does not pay".

How nice.  I guess it helps them keep the competition down.