Thursday, September 30, 2010


13-Moon Date: Moon 3 Day 11
Gregorian Date: September 30, 2010

392 days till Oct. 28, 2011 - Calleman Alternative Mayan End Date
812 days till Dec. 21, 2012 - Conventional Mayan End Date
426,750 Years till the end of the Vedic Age of Kali Yuga (Cycle of 4 Yugas/Ages)

Please , Please Send this movie SWEET MISERY to everyone your care about:

Now these Devils have changed the very name of Aspartame to Aminosweet !

America's Deadliest Sweetener Betrays Millions, Then Hoodwinks You With Name Change !

Sold commercially under names like NutraSweet, Canderel and now AminoSweet, aspartame can be found in more than 6,000 foods, including soft drinks, chewing gum, table-top sweeteners, diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, jams, sweets, vitamins, ? prescription and over-the-counter drugs. ?  WTF !

INSANE ! more written info.

There are 92 documented symptoms of ASPARTAME, from Coma to DEATH.

So those of us who were shocked to witness BP ordering the Federal Government to do It's Bidding in the ongoing Gulf Gusher Disaster Operation in the Gulf of Mexico can now better understand how Corporations have been running our Federal Government for a Long Long Time.
One  Big Pharma corporation is allowed to  place a cheap health destroying drug in 6000 products and then other Big Pharma corporations sell you expensive Prescription make you ...better....
How totally Satanic

Government can be Hazardous to your Health:

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