Tuesday, September 14, 2010


13-Moon Date: Moon 2 Day 23
Gregorian Date: September 14, 2010

408 days till Oct. 28, 2011
828 days till Dec. 21, 

What do we have going on today..........

Let's seee.... oh look a TIME MACHINE patent !
"The purpose of the robots is to predict the future and past with pinpoint accuracy....."


Time MachineAutonomous prediction internet
"A human robot spends 6 months writing a book in the real world, a dynamic robot spends 1 second writing the same book in the virtual world, and the API spends 1 nanosecond writing the same book in the virtual world. Thus, the Autonomous prediction internet is faster than any of my previous inventions to accomplish individual or group tasks".

So Let me make a contribution to the future>>>>>
Hello my name is shawn O'Neal.
I lived and wrote this in the year 2010 (Gregorian Calendar). I live in a land know as the USA.
There is no "WORLD GOVERNMENT"  or  single body which speaks for the people of my Planet as I write this, although it has been a dream of some for over a 1000 years or rotations of our planet around the Sun.
Our planet has a small but powerful group of Psychopants who continue to plague the people and there is a constant struggle among rival factions for control. The people worship different Gods and some see no higher authority than themselves.
Many are killed in the name of these various Gods. There are also wars over resources.
There is a growing knowledge about the vastness of the Universe and of the possibilities of Life throughout creation, so that many people are now actively working toward the continued expansion of consciousness on our planet.
This gives us the possibility of a better future. Peace.