Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Witchy Witchy goo goo ya

Since this is the Roadside Mystic blog and it is already the 13th for some of you and Halloween is coming up.....time to explore mystical realms.....

hmmm WITCH theme though?

Let's start off with the song Witchy Woman by the Eagles
I always liked the lead solo in that one....

Now some things about witches.
Don't use the word Occult unless you are referring to the dark side of the craft.....

These passages were conjured up from the web......

Now, it is a fact that witchcraft was never associated with devil worship before the fifteenth century, but, on the contrary, with the Goddess Diana, indeed one mediaeval word for witch was dianatica, so this text is what one would expect of an old witchcraft survival. The Gospel begins by relating that Diana coupled with her brother Lucifer “the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light” (an act she later regretted), and bore a daughter, Aradia. Eventually, Diana sent Aradia down into this world to teach witchcraft to oppressed people.

The old magic may now have faded away to statistical anomalies in card guessing games and New Age banalities, but magic is not dead. The old cliché says a sufficiently advanced technology will look like magic, but it is nearer to the point to say that a sufficiently advanced magic is technology. The new magic of science and technology gives human beings powers for good or ill which the old magicians could never have envisaged in their most ecstatic visions or wildest nightmares. -- Peter Rogerson

With their charms for attracting lovers, increasing sexual prowess, finding hidden treasure, curing illnesses, and ensuring prosperity, many of them seem to be the early equivalent of the spam messages that fill up email inboxes! The development of printing and its role in spreading grimoires and other 'subversive' literature was recognised by the church and civil authorities, one Catholic clergyman warning: "we must root out printing, or printing will root out us", a fear which is again reflected in attitudes to the Internet.

This lead to what Davies describes as 'The War Against Magic', in the period of the witchcraft trials. It was believed at the time that the sort of conjuring that the popular grimoires prescribed was actually worse than witchcraft. A person cursed by a witch was a victim and did not lose their immortal soul, but someone following the instructions given by the 'cunning folk' who used grimoires were dealing directly with the devil and risked damnation.

The thing we should fear more than anything else is ignorance, which is always ready to devour us
Shawn Kara ONeal

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