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A good review of where we are VS. where the web bot predictions/forecasts were.
Clif high, The C. in the interview and the web bots can be found at
The K. is Kerry Cassidy of

K: I found a really interesting point that was recurring in some of these reports, which was talking about, in essence, what appeared to be a battle with aliens.

C: Oh sure. Yeah, we’ve got really strange stuff in there that suggests, for instance, that we’re going to go through a summer of hell in 2009 here in the US that will precipitate a seething anger and so forth into actual bloody revolution. AmRev-2 we’re calling it. But it’ll just be part of a global wave of revolution against what we call The Powers That Be.

This is also coincident with a meta-data layer that we call Secrets Revealed, where events of revolution goes on. Certain institutions will be captured by the populace and the data will be released that’s been hidden for hundreds of years, which then starts its own set of threads and means about revolution. They’ve been duped.

And if we go forward in time through 2010, we get into the area where we’re starting to get what we call Alien Wars… information about 2011.

Now this has to be understood, that the granularity out there is very sparse. We don’t have a whole lot of details. It does appear that this is not some kind of false flag operation.

It also does appear that humans are involved at many different levels, not merely at a shooting level, but also as perhaps some kind of a prize level, like, you know, we’re what everybody is fighting over, that kind of thing.

K: Right. You talk about human body parts, etc.

C: Yes, exactly. Yes. Well, that’s actually coming from the release of all the Russian and other UFO information around the planet these past few months. Once that hit all the various different language boards, it really started coming out as to how many of the crashes they had found human body parts catalogued in.

C: Right. And, you know, the Taoists say that an ordinary person sees everything as a curse or a blessing, and the aware observer or the enlightened being or the sage, however you want to label ’em, sees everything as a challenge. And that’s quite true, because “good” and “bad” are labels we apply.
I have to say that the biospheric degradation, and the changes in the solar system, the magnetosphere, the heliosphere, etc. etc. all tend to support the idea that the language is spitting out to us, that the bizarre days ahead are - however inconceivable - are basically our destiny.

We’re going to live through some of the strangest times that have certainly been around on the planet for many thousands of years.

And on the other side of it, those of us who pop out, we probably all ought to get together and say Whew!
We do see mass kinds of changes coming in at various different levels that are affecting the data at unexpected places. And they’re pointing to things like, as I say, the pineal gland.

And in this coming report we’re going to write about fluoride because there’s going to be a huge emotional wave building in 2009 about the damage that was done to people as a result of fluoride and its interaction with the pineal gland.

And a lot of people are going to be very, very, very upset because they will feel that something has been stolen from them.

And I think that what they’re going to be feeling is that the potential or capacity for a better expression of humanity has been stolen from them, once they know certain information.
 This has been Project Camelot and this is Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan. It’s Friday, September 26, 2008.

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