Monday, December 20, 2010


13-Moon Date: Moon 6 Day 8
Gregorian Date: December 20, 2010
311 days till Oct. 28, 2011 - Calleman Alternative Mayan End Date 
731 days till Dec. 21, 2012 - Conventional Mayan End Date 

High Mayan Council Physical Pole Shift anytime from now until 2015 
426,750 Years till the end of the Vedic Age of Kali Yuga (Cycle of 4 Yuga's/Ages)

Mayan Calendar Portal dec. 20 is 13 Lamat/Q'anil. as we come to the closing of the Cib trecena, honor the journey you have made along these past 13 days, honor the wisdom and the advice from your ancestors, or the ancients you may have connected with, and keep it in your heart for a lifetime. Lamat helps you nourish this wisdom to great abundance, but take care not to squander it—use it well.

The Total Lunar Eclipse starts in the wee hours tomorrow morning..

The eclipse occurs at 3:13 am Eastern time/8:13 am GMT on December 21st. 

Historic in several ways...
In 1554 the winter solstice coincides with a full lunar eclipse Since the Gregorian calender was not yet invented at this time and the Julian calendar was ten days out of synch with the seasons, it actually occured on December 11, rather than December 21 as in modern times.

On December 22, 1703 there was A Winter Solstice, a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. And that was the last time before 12/21/2010.

This Eclipse occurs at the 29th degree of Gemini, the degree of completion and within 3 degrees of Galactic center. During the Eclipse,the forces of light and darkness are aligned in the same plane, which always happens in eclipses.

Here's a good Video to get you into the mood...