Tuesday, February 19, 2013


If you understand the meaning of the 3, the 6, and the 9, you would have one of the keys to the universe.- Tesla

whatever did he mean?

always wondering about that clue Tesla left for us to figure out....way out in this case.

My totally unsubstantiated  theory posits this notion:
Due to a previous Pole shift and physical crust displacement. the earth is spinning in the wrong direction. And >>> Antarctica should be at the top and not at the bottom or south pole....
Also this direction is out of harmony with universe and is producing a negative energy which attracted certain types of negative entities to this planet since the time of that great upheaval.
The proper planetary spin and Pole orientation should produce the ordered sequence of 369,369,369, so on and so forth which produces a numerological value of the compound number 18 which then produces a 9 . (you might want to play the song Number 9 off the Beatles in the background as you read this, notice the meme about the messages when played backwards etc.
Anyway, as i was saying this is the normal progression.

Instead we are spinning in the wrong direction(running in place but getting nowhere like Alice in Wonderland)  well, if we are upside down (Antarctica on the bottom instead of the top) and spinning backwards our 999 energy is now flipped into 666666666...this is why history keeps re-winding and repeating itself. we are running at 66.6% power, something about that 666 eh ? The wacky tilt/wobble of the planet may also degrade the energetic connection to source as well .

If 6 was 9 I don't mind. - Jimi hendrix  If  9 was flipped to 6 we need a fix.- the author.
was Hendrix indicating that we need to get back on the steady 9 track ?

Sixes ain't Nines;

All theory of course...I have had a tea or two with the Mad Hatter mind you. You really shouldn't believe anything I tell you.  For example > 9X9 =81> 1+8 =9 and also 9 X 6 = 54 > 5+4 = 9 but the compound energy is different. For an equal numbers of 6's and 9's that reduce to 9 the compound energy is not the same. The magic number 9 will produce a final 9 with each multiple of itself but the 6 will only produce the final reduction to number 9 every 3rd step in the multiple. (no cray computer involved here, so i have not run out millions of numbers) The effect according to my theory is that this produces a intermittent signal which leaves a lot of room for negative entities to exploit the human mind as we do not have a steady state connection to source energies.

Now, to further understand the difference between the difference of this intermittent skipping 6 diet vs. the steady 9 we get these definitions;

SIX ^^^ 
The 6 Spiraling in 
Six is the energy of all the numbers up to this point, spiraling inward for contemplation and understanding. It is the time of digestion of all the growth and the lessons, in order to embed the new knowledge. It is written from the top, spiraling inward to the center. The color of six is green.

NINE (((
The 9 Spiraling out
Nine has completed all the steps and understands the entire learning cycle it has just completed. Now it is ready to bring forth it's knowledge and share it's light with the world. It is all the previous lessons spiraling out from the center. The number nine is written energetically from the center of the spiral outward, ending at the ground level. The color of nine is violet.

Cheers peace and love ~!~

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