Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tea with Ishvara

Tea with Ishvara  

Miles Patrick had finally figured it all out and was about to discover the true meaning of that curious saying he loved to throw around in conversations "be careful what you wish for, you might get it"and he felt that he was about to get it . All those untold hours running down the rabbit holes in the dim light. All those threads and authors, the endless theories and investigations all leading up to this place, this meeting with the one with many names. He took a few quick Vap's off his pipe filled with his favorite nepalese palace blend, and entered the meeting grounds, the familiar lawn setting, situated in the middle of a vast maze, taking his seat in a high backed chair covered in golden mocha colored velvet. Only this time she was waiting for him, a first. He knew she would appear as he imagined a being like her to look in his conscious state of expectation, for his comfort. She was a radiant woman dressed in the style of an alpine woods folk, a bit elven and very pleasing to his senses. With her Dark henna colored hair and almond shaped eyes, she looked as though, she would transform into a raven and fly away at any moment, or make the next moment into a thousand years with one glance into those bottomless eyes. Welcome Miles....she said,  Darjeeling tea with a teaspoon of manuka honey, a good choice, call me Ishvara, and do ask any questions...
Right, thank you Ishvara, and the tea is splendid by the way, my first question; was my discovery that the Facebook program is designed to create backup synthetic personalities to populate an alternate reality with? Yes, it has caught my attention, go on. Was my theory correct that the world was destroyed when the first atomic bomb test was conducted as had been warned by some of our leading scientists of that time? Yes.  In that case is this current matrix the interim solution, or something else?  Good question Miles, We must always have that place to put things and persons that don't fit somewhere else, does that make sense ? Do you mean like a madhouse of the Milky Way ?  To your current understanding it might be compared to such. It is also the reason for the increased billions of souls currently on your planet. These experiments were conducted on various planets with the same negative result. So the choice was made to put you all here until we can sort the situation out. Your history was supplied, things were left buried or placed for you to discover, to keep you busy until the next step is decided. We think all the radiation created some sort of possibility engine that is quite unique in the galaxy and we like that particular development. Well, Ishvara there's a reason to live. You have always lived Miles, you silly man. 
Will I see you again soon Ishvara? so many questions you know, once you've figured things out.
My dear Miles, it is not about acting in such a way as to see me, it is about acting in such a way that I wan't to see you ~!~ Thank you Ishvara. Be well Miles.

Tea with Ishvara by shawn kara oneal © 2013

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