Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Earth is feeling GASSY

Now we jump down to Bayou corn Louisiana >>> Big deposits of Methane off-shore in the Gulf...problems with large volumes of gas moving around >>> nearby in bayou corn, with a tremendous amount of gas sitting under the surface....

And one is reminded of the recent Fireball, bolide, asteroid, meteor activity around the planet...FIRE and fireball activity seems to be on the uptick >2005 - 463, 2006 - 517,
2007 - 588, 2008 - 726,
2009 - 694, 2010 - 951,
2011 - 1630, 2012 - 2125!!!
2013 - 484 already & it's just february! >>>

People, Homes, Cars, seem to be catching on fire >>>
Good links on the Gas at this site.

In bayou corne, the officials keep talking about the explosive nature of the situation...there are relief wells dotted around with flames shooting out of them... Bubbling pockets showing up here and there, ...I would think that Governor Jindal could buy those poor citizens homes at pre-nightmare market value, move them out of harms way, and deal with Texas Brine on recovery of funds down the road, if there is one...left. I'm no scientist but if a big pocket of gas erupts ,  could those flaming relief wells set the whole thing off ? And what would a massive explosion do to the New Madrid Area? Could it trigger a greater methane rupture in the Gulf?  A very small fireball punching into this area has unimaginable consequences...with Dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas, buried amounts of Butane,,,sounds like hell's warehouse under there....
The estimation of possible explosive impacts are off the hook.

Officials: Work by giant sinkhole suspended — “Increase in underground fluid movement” — Odor from hydrocarbons being released

Residents angry as Assumption sinkhole continues collapsing [...]
Gary Hecox, a hydrogeologist with CB&I: “The sinkhole is constantly changing. It changes every time we go out there. Not just on the surface, but in the sub-surface [...] It appears that the sand and gravel that’s in the bottom of the sinkhole breaks up a large gas bubble into many small bubbles, just like an aquarium and that is a good thing, because if you get a single bubble up and have an ignition source you can have a flash over.” [...]
WWL: A flash over is an explosion, like the kind you can see if you leave the gas on too long before lighting a propane grill. But Hecox said a large natural gas bubble from the sinkhole lit by any ignition source could mean major damage on the surface. [...]
Wilma Subra, a chemist with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network: “A house acts like a tent. So, if it’s migrating up through the soil, and it’s being caught in the house, it’s building up concentrations in the house. And then if it reaches explosive level, then one little spark in the house would set it off.” [...]

Top of the pops 1968 FIRE
And what about that ginormous UFO that is supposed to be sitting in Greenland which some say caused the ice age....could this have been a program to lock up the Methane so that the planet could once again support life as we know it ? A massive gigantic Terra Forming operation?
Who Knows?

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