Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year, it's 1713 !

Well it's been days since the Big Mayan day 12/21/2012 and the Streets have not turned to gold, many people in the world are hungry and we still have major problems such as Fukushima spewing what happened?  It has a lot to do with expectations of what you thought would happen. And When.....

What happened to Time Wave Zero? Time runs out? Terence McKenna's famous does not seem like we relived all history in a compressed fashion ...hmmmm...what could be the matter?

1. The Missing 300 years !!!
 One possibility is that it is not really the year 2012 right now. This theory could possibly explain :

New Chronology by Anatoly T. Fomenko is an attempt to rewrite world chronologybased on his conclusion that world chronology as we know it today is flawed, put together by unscientific methods. In his revision, Fomenko shares the belief of Heribert Illig that Otto III advanced the currentyear of the era Anno Domini by some three centuries  (300 Years!) so that his reign would include the millennialist year 1000. (This would mean his actual reign, prior to his altering the calendar, would have been around the year 700, and if we were to rectify the change, the year 2013 would become 1713 In doing this, Otto had the help of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII and Pope Sylvester II to falsify the dates of records, and their scribes not only rewrote history but fabricated biographies for individuals such asCharlemagne and Harun al-Rashid.
He also argues that most of the Ancient World art, literature and history was created during Renaissance and then buried

2. Another missing 83 days !!! (from this blog in 2011)
Let's jump back Jack >>> a bit in time>>> to:
The Changes of 1752 
In accordance with a 1750 act of Parliament, England and its colonies (including the current USA) changed calendars in 1752. By that time, the discrepancy between a solar year and the Julian Calendar had grown by an additional day, so that the calendar used in England and its colonies was 11 days out-of-sync with the Gregorian Calendar in use in most other parts of Europe. 
England's calendar change included three major components. The Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar, changing the formula for calculating leap years.  The beginning of the legal new year was moved from March 25 to January 1.  Finally, 11 days were dropped from the month of September 1752. 
The changeover involved a series of steps:
  • December 31, 1750 was followed by January 1, 1750 (under the "Old Style" calendar, December was the 10th month and January the 11th)
  • March 24, 1750 was followed by March 25, 1751 (March 25 was the first day of the "Old Style" year)
  • December 31, 1751 was followed by January 1, 1752 (the switch from March 25 to January 1 as the first day of the year)
  • September 2, 1752 was followed by September 14, 1752 (drop of 11 days to conform to the Gregorian calendar)

First we have an The "old Style" year starting on March 25, 1751 but with the switch a roo to JANUARY 1,1752 (as the (new official) New Year) LEAVES US WITH THIS: 
From and including: Monday, March 25, 1751 (Julian calendar)
To and including: Tuesday, December 31, 1751 (Julian calendar)
It is 282 days from the start date to the end date, end date included >>> END OF THAT YEAR.
Or 9 months, 7 days including the end date ( old 1751 was A RATHER SHORT YEAR WOULD'NT YOU SAY?) 83 DAYS SHORT!!!    WTF? and then the next day January 1,1752 is the new year for the first time!  8 + 3 = 11

What Crimes were hidden or "dropped" from the time line by dropping these 11 days between September 3 and September 13, 1752? These days no longer "exist". Sounds like 1984 meets back to the future . 11 days rubbed out.

dropped days 83            8 + 3 = 11   
dropped days 11


George Washington …Time Traveler
George Washington, for example, was born on February 11, 1731 under the Julian Calendar, but changed the date to February 22, 1732 to reflect the Gregorian Calendar. 
And you thought Daylight savings time was a bitch ~!~
I saved the good news for last ~!~
Due to a much larger time fraud….It is not even going to be 2012 tomorrow ~!~
SO >>> YES >>>the whole entire 2012 Fear Factory Production is a F R A U D ~!~
In fact my best guesstimate is that tomorrow (01/01/2013) is really Jan. 1, 1713. !!!

3. Is there missing time that we Don't know about? maybe.

4. If Terence McKenna started his time wave chart without taking these facts into account couldn't it be "off" as well even though it matched up in many ways perhaps due to the repeating cyclic nature of history? And another 300 years for that Big Mayan date....

5. Now, if your still with me, you might be asking "so what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? " 
The answer is possibly a Whole lot....and here's why >>>> The United States of America itself is only 236 old (237 next July 4) which is well within the 300 missing year figure above. All legal documents have to be dated properly to be legal, otherwise they are a fraud. And that would mean that every federal, state, and local law, legal document, license, debt instrument, birth certificate, etc. is invalid, and null.
No small thing eh?

Happy New Year 1713 ! let's hope it's a good one !

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