Friday, December 14, 2012

Gate 5 prelude ~!~ Age of Aquarius

Gate 5 prelude ~!~ Age of Aquarius

Let us look at the various rivers of influence that are flowing toward the Sea change of 12/21/2012 ~!~

Winter Solstice:  Soul-stice....the night of longest darkness in one hemisphere and the day of longest light in the other hemisphere showing us the duality that we are presently under the influence of.

December solstice 2012: 21 Dec 11:12 (UTC)

CERN... the LHC large Hadron Collider will be conducting experiments between the December 17th through and including December 21, 2012.

NASA... is crashing the twin Grail probes into the moon on Monday December 17, 2012

Air Force’s Secret X-37B Space Plane Launches on Third Secret mission...December 11, 2012 and will be in orbit on December 21, 2012 ~!~

Astrology: a configuration called the YOD or Finger of God occurs on December 21,2012 which is comprised of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. this can be interpreted as a calling to awaken our higher consciousness ~!~ Pluto is the planet of radical transformation, death and rebirth. 
Saturn is the planet of the earthly realm and of learning experiences.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It is the focus of the yod, the planet which receives the strong energy of the other planets involved. It also expands the energy of the other planets involved.

Age of Aquarius:
From 0 A.D. to the present we have been in the Age of Pisces. For the next 2000 years we will be in the Aquarian Age. We have been in the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age for the last 50 years. The official beginning of the Aquarian Age is November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. Some people have set this date as December 21, 2012. Considering that this is a 2000 year cycle, no matter which date you accept, we are in for lots of change in the near future! Hippie LoveGods is an Aquarian ~!~ 2012 is also the year of the Water Dragon a perfect creature to escort in the Aquarian Age ~!~

Time Wave Zero: The end of the Time line on December 21, 2012 as proposed by Terence McKenna in his Time Wave Zero Theory influenced by the Ancient Chinese I-Ching.                          The Eschaton ~!~ the transcendental object at the end of time ~!~

Hippie LoveGods:  yours truly, explaining my vision of the 5 gates of 2012 with the Final 5th Gate opening on December 21, 2012 ~!~ 
to set the stage here... we are and have been in the 4th dimension or 4D...with Time being the 4th wheel....and we are moving towards 5D . in one sense it is meaningless to talk about "time' before the appearance of man on this planet, as m
an represents time and history, moving through a series of gates symbolized by the number 11; the two pillars of the gate sequence; -1.11, 1.11, 2.11, 3.11, 4.11 (where we are now), 5.11, 6.11 >>> dimensional ascension through the gates....12/21/2012 represents the 5th gate, the mayan 5th just so happens that 12/21/2012 is 11 years 3 months and 11 days since 9/11/2001 (which in metaphysical terms was perhaps an attempt to destroy this gate and hold us in 4D)> if we take 11 years, 3 months and 11 days = 1+1+3+1+1 =7 4120 days will have passed > 4+1=2+0 = 7 and also 588.571 weeks will have passed.. 5+8+8+5+7+1 = 34 > 3+4 = 7 so we see the 777 present; a number symbolizing the perfect day of completion , the beginning of a millennial reign. we shall see ; >

The Mayans: what's left to Say?  No actual Mayan has described December 21,2012 as the END OF THE WORLD. December 21,2012 is the end of the 4th sun and the start of the 5th Sun. Listen to what will happen via the linked vid.

So if someone tells you that december 21,2012 is just another day....Send them this Link ~!~ Cheers Peace and Love ~!~

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