Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 Gates of 2012.....Gate III

                                 GATE III

Internal/external gates:

Gate I > 11/13/2012 =11 (11 the master)

Gate II > 11/22/2012 =11 (22 the architect)

Gate III > 12/03/2012 =11 (33 the sacrifice)
Gate IV > 12/12/2012 =11 (44 the healer)
Gate V > 12/21/2012 =11 (55 the Master Genius)

11 X 5 = Compound number 55 = 1 ( The Master Genius)

Start of Mayan 5th Sun ===== 12/21/2012
Internal level - personal Development
External Earth/Gaia level -Development

Gate I was the Master ..... A total eclipse of the Sun , the Master of this Solar System. Refection on Gate I and another kind of Light Bringer...

Gate II was the Architect... Palestine is no longer an "occupied territory"

Gate III is the Sacrifice; taking place under a very unusual alignment....

"the Sun is in the sign of Ophiuchus, the Serpent bearer " between November 29 and December 17

You can see the times and search by your own location HERE

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