Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why Johnny can't be a Revolutionary

Tis high time that the whole notion of "Terrorism" should feel the Assassins blade.
It just so happens that the new special edition video game Assassin's Creed was just released with that whole 1776 American Revolutionary War theme and with the "Assassin" fighting as a "Patriot" alongside George Washington and the future "Americans".

Now as you were not taught in school, from the 1770'S "powers that were" aka the British Empires viewpoint, the Patriots were  rabble, they were revolting revolutionaries, rebels who used dishonorable gorilla fighting tactics..... They were terrorizing the Crowns assets.

And this is all good and glorious and a very nice song is sung at every football game praising the American Revolution...

Now in the recent past (say before the year 2000) the current American Powers that were at the time, decided that they needed to create a psyops to prevent this revolutionary history from repeating itself as indeed the original founders had recommended should it become necessary to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness aka the American dream.

So....what to do? Use Orwellian  doublespeak to change the terms. Change the very meaning of Revolution into Terrorism. Make the word Patriot mean a potential or likely terrorist.

To transition from the initial perception of foreign arabic people who we were told hated our way of life being viewed as potential Terrorists to eventually include American citizens that hate the way their country is being run being viewed as potential terrorists.

Until the very idea of a new or second American revolution is an unthinkable idea, being replaced by the Homeland....known in former times as the less politically correct Fatherland.

And they almost succeeded.

So to those who created the War on Terror which is insane because WAR IS TERROR...may you be judged by a jury of your  peers, and soon.

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