Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's going to happen to us ?

What is going to happen to us?  Stardate  ____ who knows? most things on this planet are a lie.. Hissstory being what it is you know….we could be a few thousand years off here….consult your local Shaman…now we have (they say) around 7 Billion people living on the surface of this planet…not counting the ones living under the sea or deep underground or in the inner earth…etc. 7 Billion with all the wars, and black death, famines, great floods , asteroids, etc., 7 billion since the last time there was a planet level wipe out…so it would seem in the absence of such an event, people are very hardy indeed! However, we have created our own planet killer in the form of Nuclear energy that is now stalking us like a great invisible flood….FUK U SHIMA being the head of the dragon….and many more sleeping dragons waiting to join the hunt…many of these are the same exact design as Fuk U Shima…..located on fault lines….and in coastal locations….here's what's going on >>> from my earlier comment today

I would say that this FAIL by humanity is now cause for an ET intervention on THEIR terms ..we have THE planet killing extermination machine running at Fukushima and the world "leaders" are not responding... >>>In spite of all that, and in spite of the doubling of radioactivity in the atmosphere, 60 new plants are under construction, 150 more are planned and Europe is writing reports about possibly repairing some. <<< I N S A N I T Y >>> cue up highway to hell by ACDC.  One question we need to ask is >>> what about the powers that were supposed to be able to control the dragon? they have families too right? They don't wan't humanity to die… we're all in the same boat right? well…..maybe and maybe not… perhaps they have a Mars "get out of Jail Card",,, or a ticket to the vast underground cities around the planet…you know about the doomsday seed vault don't you? Or they have ET friends with a guest house somewhere….Hell, they may have already SOLD this entire planet and all it's DNA to the highest bidder…cue up The man who sold the world by David Bowie or Nirvana… 

So what possibilities do the rest of us have? 
Well if you have been working on raising your consciousness during your stay on earth…you may be able to raise your vibration or frequency above the reach of the radioactive dragon….if you can become less dense (no pun intended) the dragon will sniff you and move on….you have to do this in the next several years before things get far worse….or… Some ET race may bring a cure ,,,,or… The external savior of your choice might come and "save" you…or….Your star family of origin could pick you up as a mercy good will mission….
In any case, If your burned (your 3D body) up by the dragon then you will be reassigned by Universal law to another form to continue on your path…The soul is not subject to destruction by Fire, water, nuclear radiation, etc. As always if you consciously seek a path, you will be given help by the creator of all that is and those in harmony with the creator….You will, so to speak have a WILL. otherwise it's like probate….Universal law will decide for you…I wish you all Cheers, Peace and Love -Shawn Kara ONEal