Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to keep yourself off the menu

How to keep yourself off the menu:

Boo ! it's getting close to all hallows eve aka Halloween and a freaky tale is in order...
Don't do the funky chicken unless your doing the dance...cause the FDA had something to admit about Arsenic in the chicken BWAK! and why do people at the cafe say " i think i'll Do the chicken? " anyway, Arsenic is a Poison; a protoplastic (living material) poison due to it's effect on sulphydryl group of cells interfering with cells, enzymes, cell respiration and mitosis. See more here; ARSENIC

Now...according to David Icke  there is a race of reptilian shape shifting blood drinkers roaming around on this planet (talk about freaky tail) and some darkside info has it that they mix arsenic in with human blood to make it go down easier based on their reptilian metabolism...and the Liver, being  one of the four main human organs that the arsenic in the bloodstream is distributed to puts it on the menu as well...Chicken liver to human liver to , you get the picture....

Then there is the fear factor... apparently fear amps up the negative energy in the blood and when you eat fear in the form of other sentient animals which are being fed ruminants, which is other animals, and these animals being sentient can experience fear, and you add the media induced fear being fed to the masses daily....your starting to look pretty tasty to the reptilians....the lower your vibration, the more attractive you be yum..... when you need to hum at a higher can't out run have to out hum them !

So watch what you eat and watch out for whats trying to eat you !

Have a fruit Boothie, Meditate, and detox that liver !

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