Monday, July 16, 2012

The World Needs A Re-Start

Every day vast numbers of people go to work designing new consumer things across myriad consumer categories to numerous to list here..... huge amounts of time and computing power are expended because (they) meaning we expect NEW and more NEW and then even more NEW because that is the way we are conditioned. New and Improved although the "quality of life" improvement is not included. In fact I bet some of you reading this are waiting on that new 2013 Car, a New even smarter phone,New Improved Sneakers etc. And if your a general in some army, your waiting on the new missle or fighter jet. What if the world's major arms producers agreed that the current level of Death making potential is enough for  the next 20 years? The USA, is #1 in weapons and produces around 50% of the worlds Arms !

Well what would the world be like if we asked all these people to focus on replacing oil, coal and nuclear energy?  What if we decided that the 2012 model whatever was the last update for 20 years while we achieved this re-direction?  All non-essential products would not be updated until we got our planet in better shape for future generations. No new new new until we UN_SCREW the damage our previous new and improved products have wrought. The only new products would be the ones that restore the health of the planet excluding Population reduction.

Instead we should send more people to colonize the Oceans and to begin work restoring them.  Three Fourths of the world is water... That's alot of room for aqua farming...  etc.

Now , if this new force of humans had access to all those secret technologies and patents that many governments are sitting on.....who knows what can be accomplished....

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