Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alternative Zombie Apocalypse

Here we speculate about the more public hyped pop culture Zombie apocalypse and what I'll call the Alternative Zombie apocalypse. Much has already been seen and understood about the pop culture version...most recently the media has hyper-hyped the "Face eaters". Some scientists have also outlined how various biological events or accidents could trigger such a large scale event. Holly-Wood has also portrayed various versions of a Zombie apocalypse.

Now the Alternative Zombie Apocalypse (and there could be others) I envision here takes a belief that Cloning technology has been known for decades by modern science.  It also assumes that "black" or hidden government programs have been producing clones for some time now without common knowledge as to how perfected these human clones are. You may even be working with one or "yikes" Married to one!

These clones have been heavily programmed and/or modified, that is they could be technologically super-soldiers but acting in a civilian capacity. What if they could be intelligently triggered/controlled to create havoc by their controllers to further hidden political agendas?

I'm sure that science fiction stories have been written along these lines.... Mind control....

And no doubt mind control can be happening on many different levels, however it is the Clone who is programmed as a normal civilian or leader who at some point goes Zombie that we are concerned with here.

And how would we be able to tell these clones from other random actors, "nuts", people who "snapped" or where under the influence of some chemical ?

FAR OUT: the leading Social networking programs gather many different images, memories shared, behaviors, etc. These could be downloaded to create in part or in full the BladeRunner clone scenario.
Are your memories really yours if you truly think they are? To a clone ? Yes.

How many clones could a clone factory make if a clone factory could make clones?

The definition of REAL will become increasingly hard to define going forward.


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! What is T R A N S H U M A N I S M ???

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