Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interview of an imaginary not so benevolent Alien

RM: Thanks for  giving this brief interview.
Ozanthia: right. what do you want to ask?
RM: why are you not trying to shut me down or worse?
Ozanthia: no one's going to believe you, your just some person blogging....and you have no proof.
RM: riiight. OK so how long have you been influencing events on earth?
Ozanthia: Let's round off to 5,000 years or so.
RM: why are you trashing the is starting to be pretty obvious....
Ozanthia: because we have many other nice places to live and we have exploited many planets in our history.
RM: so your like parasites?
Ozanthia: no comment. Although your people seem to have picked up many of our habits....
RM: why FUKUSHIMA?  Depleted Uranium?
Ozanthia: we are trying to keep the competition out by using the Fukushima radiation and  depleted Uranium dust to contaminate earths troposphere as a defense.
RM: are these "competitors" trying to save us?
Ozanthia: no, they have their own agendas, which may or may not be more favorable to your species.
RM: are these some of the beings that people called channels are speaking with?
Ozanthia: Astral plane nonsense...amusing though...we even have fun with this ...for example, have you ever had anyone claim that they are a channel for a big hungry demon who wants to come and devour humanity?
RM: no
Ozanthia: right it always peace and love and ascension, dimension, mission....Space gypsys...
RM: so space propaganda?
Ozanthia: yes
RM: the way you view the greater universe?
Ozanthia: It's a Universe eat Universe in the greater cosmos. You have to pick your fights.
RM: thank you for giving this interview
Ozanthia: Bye....

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