Friday, July 6, 2012

Collective Consciousness is Key

~!~Collective Intention and Attention, Coherence and Global Consciousness. Just as remote attention and intention influence the harmonic order and coherence of living systems, similar effects have been found upon randomness generated by machines. Indeed, our influence upon inanimate reality may be as profound as our influence upon living systems, as one mystic noted:
All things in the world have been made in consideration of everything else. Everything in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, is penetrated with connectedness, with relatedness.
                                                         - Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias224

Now, take a good look around you and marvel at the power of focused collective consciousness...the one that has most of the world enthralled,,,,a limited resource, rat race, militarized, consumerized,divide and conquer world.....this is the result of a small number of entities that have focused the masses attention on their agenda.....we are living in their program....BUT we have the power to re-focus....that awesome power....because we are creators....not the supreme creator,,, but associated with,,,,and by parallel processing (working together) we can re-write the program.

For example, many are afraid that the world will soon be flooded with Drones and Nano drones, turning the world into an open air prison ..... the death of privacy, etc.

This calls this interesting question to mind....if the collective consciousness of say 1 billion people summon a CME from the sun to destroy every satellite and drone on this earth.... science could say it was just the randomness of the universe.... I say the former. There are two priest classes on earth right now the Religious ones and the Scientific BELIEVE if you want and get more of what you see around you.  They are selling the meme that you are inferior, powerless, you need an external savior, or they will unlock the secrets of the universe if you give them unlimited time....both are great cons....con-sciousness.

Or you can start programming the future with you mind and your will power.

~!~ Cheers Peace and love ~!~

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