Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roadside Mystic *Why Aliens aren't helping with Japan *

Why aren't the benevolent ET'S  in their super cool UFO'S helping with the Japan Nuclear Disaster, and why didn't they help with the BP Gulf Oil Gusher? Another mega environmental disaster.... if they CARE.
They are supposed to be "concerned" about MAN playing with dangerous nuclear energy/weapons/etc.
One often hears the explanation that there is this Alien (as if all the different Aliens agree) policy of NON- Intervention in Earth Affairs…..right.

I don't know about you but if I am standing at a busy intersection and an old Lady slips off the curb, falling into the path of oncoming traffic as the light changes, I'm going to step in and pull here out of the fire so to speak….and well I know this will change the course of history…but that's just me.
That's called being a good neighbor.

So what about these Aliens?  What kind of space neighbors do we have here?
Unless….there's another reason…. and there can be more than one.
Suppose Earth is a Prison and they can't interfere without repercussions?
But they can Watch….Disaster Tourism?  Social studies?

Or perhaps they are being held at bay by our own "Black" space program weapons….
The owners of whom WANT and caused or boosted the effects of this destruction for nefarious reasons unknown to us.
and the Obvious explanation…. THEY (the Aliens) caused it! That's why they aren't helping……

Or BAD ET's working with These nefarious earthlings are working together!

well hell, that's a lot of possibilities for monkey mind to consider ....

I gotta get on the web and look for a secret agent decoder ring….see ya!