Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roadside Mystic * Coalition of the Killing *

Have you heard  the good news?
The Gulf is A-OK !
Seafood is Safe!
Water is Safe!
The Fukushima disaster is real bad, but I think we're Ok around here...

A pandemic of media silence has descended over the gulf like a huge alien Dome of silence. Fukushima is not getting as much coverage even though things are Buku critical there.
The Fukushima Radiation will be mixing with the modified genetic organisms of bio-remediation in the Gulf created through new forms of microbiology. Mixing into who knows what down in the deep waters of the gulf of Moxico….
Toxic trans-species Mutations?
Radiation and Core-Exit used by BP are both clear in water…..and Radiation cannot be seen or smelled…..

Video >>> Learn about Silent Killers.
At  7:49 into this vid listen to Radiation effects on Seafood and on you.
WARNING:  Strong tolerance for Truth needed to watch this vid. Not suitable for children.

When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, they might as well be dead, when the rain comes…. The Beatles
It reads more like a Prophecy now doesn't it ?

If you think "It looks all right so it must be safe" you could be dead wrong.
Tens of Millions spent on tourism advertising don't change real reality, just perceptions.

The next major Hurricane  will be another Super Disaster……
It will spread the Gulf of Moxico mystery bio film Muck Over a Large area....
One Major Hurricane away……
Just One.
It's not about if.
It's about when.

This is just my opinion , I could be right.

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