Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RoadsideMystic *Transhumanism/Transmigration*


Transmigration and Transhumanism

How long can we stay in this self same body?
What new environments can we explore if we are part machine?
(Hollywood's productions are not mere entertainment. It's a form of psycho-entrainment, teaching humanity to resonate with whatever themes and memes it wishes to introduce into the human consciousness.
And transhumanism is HUGE in their agenda.
"The ancient ambition of the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies, the "Great Plan," is the establishment of an Occult Hierarchy that presides over a long-dreamed for One World Government and a One World Religion. That is, the Occult Hierarchy ruling directly and in full public view as the supreme leaders of the Novus Ordo Seclorum … the New World Order. Freemasonry has been superbly cultivated by the Black Adepts)
, Secret Leaders of the New World Order Plan, to become the main vehicle of this externalisation of the Occult Hierarchy."- Manly P. Hall
Down at the CROSS Roads... One path leads to semi-godness and one path to slavery...

Transmigration of the Soul:
"This disintegration of the physical body of man, animals, plants, occurs as soon as the life forces or controlling soul departs ... Death is merely the Inn by the wayside, simply the bier upon which the body is laid. He will eventually realize that all men must pass through the gates of Death before they can enter on the road that leads to immortality. Death does not annihilate the true spiritual man, but just simply destroys the form or personality ... in which the individuality, or higher self, has been enabled to manifest itself on the physical plane."
"And in reaching Death he must thoroughly understand that he has suffered, and will become purified, so that the works of the Divine Essence might be exemplified in him. Through the glory of Life, Man must mourn, sorrow, suffer pain and humiliation to the personality, while He, the true man, will know full well it is simply a refining process to bring him out purified."
"When man stands erect in his God-hood before the Divine Glory of Light and Truth, with arms outstretched and head uplifted, in conscious knowledge of Divine Love, willing to accept his Karma, then the cross will fall behind him and he will realize that he stands before his Higher Self, the Divine Presence of the Supreme Architect, and positively know that he and his Father are One. He will thoroughly understand that Resignation is what brings him perfect peace and happiness, and unlocks the door leading to Immortal bliss."
- Norman Frederick de Clifford

I know the above just won't work for many of you.
And The "My God is the One and Only God" also does not work for many of you.

Since One World Religion is necessary for One World Rule.. we should look for signs of the destruction
of the atheists, as well as all the current major religions of the world. We should be looking for the agent provocateurs .... They must destroy the old order to bring in the Dawn of the new rising Sun.
My guess is a new mystery school focused on Sun Worship....with a top Techno-Sorcerer class with a lower more simple form for the plebes.

"There is no hard way where there is a simple heart, Good thought finds no wounds,Nor is there any storm in the depths of illuminated thought.
Surrounded on every side by the beauty of the open country,one is free of doubt.
Belowis like above." (from Ode 34)
"Open your ears, and I shall speak to you;Give me yourself, so that I too may give you myself."(Ode 9)

"He filled me with words of truth
that I may speak the same.
Like the flow of waters truth flows from my mouth,and my lips reveal its harvest,
and it gives me the gold of knowledgefor the mouth of the Lord is the true Wordand the Door of His Light.
And the highest one gave the Word to His worlds,which interpret His own beauty,recite His praise,confess His thought,are heralds of His mind,are instructors of His works.
For the swiftness of the Word is ineffableand like His statement are its swiftness and sharpness.
Its course knows no end,it never fails, it stands.Its descent and its way are incomprehensible.
Like His work is its endfor it is the Light and the dawn of thought,
and through it worlds converse...
The mouth of the highest one spoke to themand he was made clear by His Word.
The dwelling place of the Word is manand its truth is love." (Ode 12)
The Book of Odes even contains some passages which describe the feminine aspect of the Godhead! "
I rested on the Spirit of the Lord and She lifted me up to heaven,"