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monday, march 21, 2011

from Vigilant Citizen: The war on Iraq was declared on March 20th 2003. Western forces attacked Libya on March 20th 2011. Is there an occult reason behind this? Both invasions occurred on the eve of the Vernal Equinox – a date that was – and still is – extremely significant throughout History. It is the date of the Sun’s resurrection and was often celebrated with a blood sacrifice to “impregnate the Earth”.
Carl Jung noted that “It (the Vernal Equinox) was particularly the sacrifice des primeurs, the first fruits of the fields, the first vegetables, the first lambs and other young animals and so on. And the first-born son, Christ the Son of God, is also sacrificed at the time of the vernal equinox. This idea of youth being sacrificed was called in Rome the ver sacrum, the sacred spring.”
According to some researchers, in Illuminati lore, the Spring Equinox is considered a Minor Sabbath but still requires human sacrifice. March 21-22 is dedicated Goddess Ostara (Ishtar, also spelled, “Eostre”), for whom “Easter” is named. March 21 is one of the Illuminati’s Human Sacrifice Night. Ishtar was the Babylonian goddess of fertility, love and war. Her name derives from the words for “Dawn”.
Is it a coincidence that the name of the military operation in Libya is “Operation Odyssey Dawn”? Are we looking at another mega-ritual?

odysseynoun ( pl. -seys)a long and eventful or adventurous journey

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This CAT has gone down the rabbit hole on this story

And Minerva, Goddess of WAR'S Birthday?:

More Minerva

The Fifth Ray of Science and Concrete Knowledge

The Roman Goddess Minerva, like her Greek representation Athena, wears an owl to represent the wisdom and knowledge she holds.
Like Minerva, our Fifth Ray qualities can be seen in our common-sense, uprightness, independence and keen intellects; when we need to know the truth and the reason for things.
Minerva is sacred to all thinkers and people of science. She is present whenever we learn anything through our desire to understand its constituent parts. She is the Goddess who helps us study, the patroness of medicine and all scientists who search for the truth of a thing.
Like the Fifth Ray, Minerva is a Goddess of justice (without mercy) and for this reason she is the patroness of War.
The Fifth Ray quality of Minerva is perseverance, yet this quality can also come across in narrowness and our human arrogance, in thinking we know it all and being closed to what is beyond our current world view.
Minerva comes to us through the Fifth Ray on the wings of her Owl, a creature with brilliant eyes. Like Minerva owl has learnt to see through the darkness of ignorance.
And at the centre of the Fifth Ray Minerva’s message to us is this….
“Learn the truth, through knowing the sum of the parts”

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Athena >>> Her American Temple is in Nashville Tn. In an exact Recreation of the Parthenon.

You can't make this stuff up folks.......Because someone else already did.