Monday, March 28, 2011

Roadside Mystic * La la sand, la la Land *

The modern marketing history of the area between Panama City Florida and Ft. Walton Beach Florida .

1. The MIRACLE STRIP (Original Marketing Slogan)
2. The Emerald Coast  (New Marketing Slogan)
3. The Core Exit Coast (my name: Post BP Oil Gusher )
4. The No Trespassing: Federal Property: Coast or NTFPC (near future ?).

Come on down folks, to Florida's Hazy blue-grey Core-Exit Coast. Who really want's a bright blue sky when you can have a nice plasma haze courtesy of the Air force or their contractors…plus… you get to see some really strange clouds, chemtrail patterns and unusual sunsets to boot!
Heck you might even get to hear and even feel the bomb tests that regularly occur at the nearby Air Force Base !
And The water…well, just leave it up to BP!  We did. You might also see some interesting sea life during your stay, just try not to notice if it's alive or already dead. Hey, it's dead when you eat it anyway right?

And if you see a tar mat, just leave it alone silly…
And don't worry about that Core Exit stuff, cause you can't see it anyway…


"They" wouldn't let "us" get in the gulf water if it wasn't safe right?

La la , la la land….keep on diggin in the sand… 
Splashing in the water…working on a tan  in la la la la, la la land…..
It's in-between your toes and going up your nose…
In La la lala, la la land….